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Last Updated on September 16, 2022

Automate automates the process of end-of-day reconciliation, including the reconciliation of the unsold lotto total, scratch-off sales tickets and online game sales tickets. It also automates the process of lottery ticket sales. Automate is an excellent choice for companies that handle a large volume of transactions. The reconciliation module analyzes the table data and determines discrepancies. You will never have to worry about rekeying the same data again.

Automate automates the end-of-day reconciliation of transactions

Automate has two modules. The first, data transformation module 110, receives lottery transaction data from a third-party server and converts it to a tabular form. The second, reconciliation module 130, analyses transaction data from POS systems and other sources to create an end-of-day lottery reconciliation report. The last module, settlement module 140, manages and analyses activation data from third-party systems.

The first module extracts data from various POS systems, including lottery sales data generated when a user scans an online lottery ticket. Then, this data is stored in a corporate database and transmitted to the reconciliation server. The second module, reconciliation module 130, analyzes transactional table data and identifies discrepancies. After this step, the lottery game sales data is reconciled.

The second module, reconciliation, automates the end-of-day process for lottery companies. Automate automatically transfers data from different sources and synchronizes the data with other systems. It imports the data into the database and triggers reports. Automate also emails PDF versions of these reports to employees. The third module, reports, and data management integrate seamlessly into the lottery system, making it easier to track lottery operations.

The third module, reconciliation, analyzes transaction shift reports and sales data, and creates a record of discrepancies. Automate can also connect lottery ticket vending machines to a POS server, which makes it easier for the lottery retailer to analyze sales data. This is particularly useful if there are multiple machines at the store. The reconciliation module 130 is integrated with the POS server.

Automate automates the reconciliation of scratch off sales tickets

Despite the fact that lottery operations can generate massive amounts of data, most stores struggle to reconcile these tickets manually. A lottery sales reconciliation software can help you with this task and make the process much simpler and more efficient. Automate transfers hundreds of files from GTECH mainframe computers to internal PCs. It routes them to the proper department and system so employees can work with fresh data. The software also provides immediate feedback and allows for easy adjustments based on daily traffic and product related issues.

To reconcile lottery tickets, the system includes a transaction module 150. This module collects sales data from multiple POS systems. Lottery sales data is generated when a lottery ticket is scanned at a POS system. The system then stores the data in a corporate database and transmits it to a reconciliation server. The reconciliation module 130 analyzes the data and determines discrepancies.

Another problem with instant lottery games is that the POS system does not track them at item or transaction level. Typically, instant lottery games are sold in bulk transactions. However, this does not provide adequate granularity for corporate financial reconciliations. Using a system like Automate, this problem can be overcome. Once you have a solution in place, you can begin automating the reconciliation process for instant lottery games.

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