California Should Abandon Parenthood

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Last Updated on September 16, 2022

Recently, a writer on a conservative news website published a column titled “California should abolish parenthood.” He argued that parents should no longer have the power over their children because those with more money and education tend to have better lives. Matthews’ communist “solution” would make it illegal to have children. That would force rich families to raise poor children, and poor families to raise rich children. This radical proposal is totalitarian.

Articles: California should abolish parenthood

A recent editorial by Zocalo Public Square’s Joe Matthews suggests that the state should abolish “parenthood” and give children the opportunity to grow up in an environment of equality and fairness. His article was reprinted in the San Francisco Chronicle and other news outlets. In his article, Matthews makes the case for universal orphanhood, citing Plato and California Gov. Gavin Newsom. Read the full editorial below and take action if you agree.

The premise behind such a proposal is unsound. The children of parents with greater resources are more likely to be born into affluent families, while children of parents with lower economic status face an uphill struggle. Indeed, social mobility has stagnated in California. According to a recent Public Policy Institute of California poll, many Californians do not believe in the value of hard work, which is a foundation for the American dream. As a result, our democracy is dominated by the children of the wealthy.

Opponents of the proposal

A recent opinion editorial in the VC Star, a member of the USA Today Network, argues that California should abolish parenthood. The article’s authors believe that parents should give up their rights to parenthood because they can pass their advantages to their children. While that might be the case in some circumstances, it does not make much sense for California to eliminate the practice entirely. There are many reasons for such a call, including health care costs and social inequality.

The first argument against abolishing the program is moral. Moreover, the state has a right to protect its citizens, including children. Therefore, the government should protect those children. This argument is a far cry from the reality. Many parents would be hesitant to give up their children if they were separated from their parents. In addition, the state should make sure to provide legal aid for illegal immigrants seeking to adopt children in the state.

This proposal was a reaction to an article that was published in the Ventura County Star’s opinion section and reprinted by Yahoo’s news section. The author of the article is Joe Mathews, co-president of the Global Forum on Modern Direct Democracy, a liberal think tank. His argument is that the elimination of parenthood is needed to fight systemic racism and white privilege. In a similar vein, he claims that “abolishing parenthood would benefit all families, not just those in poverty.”

Concerns about the proposal

There are concerns about the proposal to abolish parenthood in California. Some conservatives, and even some left-wing Californians, are reading it literally. The title is a reference to Jonathan Swift’s essay from 1718. But, despite its title, we must ask ourselves why we would want to abolish the institution, regardless of its benefits. If we truly want to make our society a fairer place for all citizens, then we should not simply abolish parenthood.

Among the concerns about the proposal to abolish parenthood are the potential ramifications of separating children from their parents. The proposed legislation would force poor and disadvantaged families to separate their children from their biological parents. The ramifications of such a policy are far-reaching. It would result in a radically totalitarian society where children would be separated from their parents. Mathews has a strong point.

Analysis of the proposal

In his article, Joe Mathews, an editor for the Zocalo Public Sqyre, argues that the state should make “justice” the highest value. If we are to achieve that goal, we must take away the rights of parents, and make raising children illegal. The author cites Plato and California Gov. Gavin Newsom as sources for his argument. The underlying argument is that parents who are better off will pass those advantages on to their children.

Nevertheless, the arguments behind the proposal to abolish parenthood are not without merit. Matthews argues that parents are passing on their privileges to their children, and that this perpetuates an unequal society. His ideal society would have the government raise children, and allow them to be indoctrinated more easily into the LGBTQ community. Matthews even wrote that the state should make parenthood illegal, and he hopes that rogue politicians will take matters into their own hands.

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