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Last Updated on September 16, 2022

The Church Of Christ can offer you several methods for studying the Bible. The most popular methods include using the Lifeway Research survey, which focuses on how early Christians understood the Bible and studying in context. In addition, you can learn about the questions you should ask yourself when studying the Bible. You should also understand the importance of a desire to study the Bible for its own sake. Those who do not wish to study the Bible will likely find themselves unable to discern the true meaning and context of the Scriptures.

Lifeway Research Survey

A recent survey of Protestant churchgoers by Lifeway Research reveals a surprising statistic: only 19 percent of the group reads the Bible daily. But there’s good news: Those who regularly attend church are more likely to read the Bible daily than those who don’t go to church. A LifeWay Research survey of senior pastors of Protestant churches found that people from the Northeast are more likely to never pick up a Bible.

Early Christians’ understanding of the Bible

The early Christians viewed the Old Testament as incomplete and realized that Jesus fulfilled the Old Testament. They also recognized that the books of the New Testament were divinely inspired. As a result, Christians began to accept the Septuagint as a trustworthy source of the Bible. As Michael Kruger explains, Christians recognized the differences between the Jewish Scriptures and their own but viewed these differences as an opportunity to explore more than one way to interpret divine communication.

Context in Bible Study

A key to proper understanding of the Bible is contextual analysis. This method involves using the historical context of the passage in which you are reading. This can be found in outside sources and in cross-referenced biblical passages. Having a clear understanding of the historical context of a passage increases the likelihood that you will interpret it accurately. A Bible study that lacks historical context will result in a poor understanding of the Bible.

Questions To Ask Yourself When Studying The Bible

There are several questions you should ask yourself when studying the Bible. Some of them are factual and provide a summary of what you have just read, while others are interpretive and will help you better understand God’s word and its application to your life. The questions you ask yourself when you study the Bible can reveal the heart of God and the character of a man. Listed below are five of the most important questions to ask yourself while you study the Bible.

Resources For Bible study

There are several resources for the Church of Christ Bible study. There are many resources available online for reading scripture, and some links will take you to external resources. Other resources provide reading aids that can be printed or viewed electronically. The resources below can help you get started on your Bible study. Some are available online only, while others can be purchased and printed from your local bookstore. Know Your Bible is a television show that airs weekly on WBHF-4 in the Quad City area. Bible Gateway is an online tool for reading the Bible. It provides advanced searching capabilities, allowing you to find specific passages of scripture.

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