How Long To Use Peridex After Dental Implant Surgery?

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Last Updated on September 16, 2022

How long should you use Peridex after dental implant surgery? You can use the gel twice a day after surgery to reduce the chances of infection. You should never chew on the surgical site or touch it. Your implant surgeon will tell you if it is OK to chew and spit. Your mouth is sensitive to any pressure, so you should avoid chewing on it until you have been given permission to do so.

Avoid rinsing or touching the surgical site

For the first 24 hours after dental implant surgery, you should avoid spitting or aggressively brushing the site. You may also experience a brownish stain on your tongue. Rinsing with warm salt water is a good option to promote healing. You can use a Q-tip moistened with tap water or a small amount of toothpaste. This helps to keep the surgical site clean. You should brush your other teeth after breakfast and before bed. Avoid using a water-pik (rinsing with salt water) for at least two weeks after dental implant surgery.

After dental implant surgery, the surgical site may be irritated. This may be due to the metal healing abutment protruding through gingival tissue. Bleeding for the first 24 hours is normal. Biting on a gauze pad for an hour if bleeding is excessive will help control the bleeding. If bleeding persists for more than an hour, contact your dentist for guidance.

Avoid chewing on the implant site

The general oral surgery instructions apply to Peridex as well. For the first 3 to 4 days, you should not brush the surgical site, but brush your other teeth as you normally do. You should also use Peridex mouthwash twice daily, for one minute after breakfast and before bed. Then, you should resume your normal oral hygiene routines. Then, after a week, you can stop using Peridex.

After your surgery, you should brush your teeth with a soft toothbrush or floss. It’s best not to eat anything hot or crunchy for at least the first couple of days. Once the pain medication wears off, you can return to a normal diet. However, you should avoid chewing on the implant site as this could interfere with its integration and affect the results of the procedure. Also, avoid drinking or chewing on the implant site for at least two to three months.

Avoid spitting or touching the wound

Good oral hygiene is important after dental implant surgery. Initially, use Peridex oral rinse. You should use it twice a day after brushing. Rinse for 30 seconds, then spit it out. Brush the healing abutments at least twice daily. Peridex mouthwash should be used twice daily after brushing. It will leave a brown stain on the implant site.

If you have bleeding from the dental implant, it may be a few hours after your procedure. If bleeding is excessive, bite a gauze pad for 30 minutes. Do not touch the wound with your tongue or spitting. Afterward, use Peridex as directed. Don’t swallow the medicine unless directed by a healthcare professional. It can harm the implant and your oral health.

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