How To Be A Good Slave – The Difference Between A Slave And A Submissive

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Last Updated on September 16, 2022

The philosophy behind How To Be A Good Slave begins with the recognition that a slave finds her inner peace serving her Master. She is a reflection of her Master, property or possession, and thus her focus and intelligence are focused on pleasing her Master. In return, her Master will be happier. By following these principles, a slave will experience a sense of self-respect, not a lack of self-confidence.

Submissive is not a slave

A submissive isn’t a slave, but her life may be. She might not have a D/s relationship, but she might be living a pretty vanilla dating or married life. If you’re curious about the differences between the two roles, read on for Rayne’s perspective. She might surprise you. And we can’t forget the submissive’s freedom. This book is full of useful information on how to treat the submissive without becoming a slave.

While the submissive may choose to be owned by her partner, she retains her autonomy and will negotiate the terms of ownership. Submissive behavior is much less controlled than that of a slave. A true slave is completely devoted to his master, sacrificing his or her own well-being for the master. A slave is not free to choose what he or she does and prefers to be controlled by his master.

A submissive is more self-respectful than a slave

Being a submissive is not the same as being a slave, and the two are different. A submissive is not a slave; it is a person who gives up control of his or her own body. A woman who gives up control to her lover is less degrading than a slave. Ultimately, she is freer because her lover does not have control over her.

A submissive chooses to obey her master, often by being sexually submissive. A slave, on the other hand, is a domestic servant. Both types of relationships have a mutually agreed level of control, which may be equal to slavery. However, a submissive retains her ability to say ‘no’ and walk away if necessary. She also retains her right to choose her own body and clothing and has a safe word to stop play when it becomes too much for her.

A submissive is more submissive than a slave

The term “submissive” has broader connotations. A sub, on the other hand, means that you have given up control and authority to someone else. Submissive can mean anything from 24/7 Total Power Exchange to surrendering control of sexual encounter details. You may wonder how the term is different from a slave. In the following paragraphs, I will discuss the differences between a slave and a sub.

The slave is the hardest role to define. This role has the most flexibility and is the most commonly misused. A slave has no rights and must give consent to everything a Master does. Unlike a sub, a slave is never in control of anything and does not enjoy everything done to them. However, a sub’s position is higher than that of a slave. There are also certain differences between a sub and a slave.

Submissive is not feisty

A feisty submissive rarely consents to a 24 hour Master/slave relationship. They may have a high-powered job or be a houseboy and enjoy having some freedom, and they are unlikely to want their Dom walking all over them. Using safewords when disciplining your submissive will help him to understand when he should yell “stop!” and give you a cold shoulder.

Submissives are often misunderstood, and the word brat is often associated with a misbehaving child. However, brats are actually playful and responsive, and some Doms prefer a submissive who is more playful. This is because there is no right or wrong answer to the question, “is he being feisty?” In reality, however, brats are submissives with a playful side that makes them desirable to a dominator.

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