How to Do a Tumblr Giveaway

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Last Updated on September 16, 2022

If you’re looking for tips on how to do a tumblar giveaway, this article is for you! We’ll take a look at the Rules, Legality, Cost, Promotion, and more. Once you’re ready, get cracking and start promoting! After all, the more followers you have, the better. However, it’s not all about generating traffic!


If you are running a Tumblr giveaway, you are probably wondering how to go about creating the contest. The process is simple, and the rules are flexible depending on what your goal is. One way to ensure the success of your giveaway is to set the rules before you start the contest. There are three basic steps to follow in creating a successful Tumblr contest. Make sure that you follow each step carefully to ensure that the contest runs smoothly.

First, determine the number of prizes. Then, determine how many people can win the prize. If you have a limited number of prizes, make the prizes as generous as possible. Keep in mind that the more people enter, the higher the odds of winning. After selecting the winners, they ‘ be notified by email or the askbox feature on tumblr. This process takes about two weeks.


The legality of a Tumblr giveaway depends on the type of giveaway you plan to run. While Tumblr does not specifically mention any items you can’t give away, there are some rules you need to follow. Alcohol, illegal substances, and pornography are prohibited. Also, you should not use the contest as a way to promote pornography or other objectionable content. Typically, entrants in a Tumblr giveaway must reblog a post or other post to promote the contest. You should follow this rule to prevent spam and tampering with the contest.

A legal note on Tumblr: It is essential to follow local laws. If the prize is offered online, you should check whether that country allows it. If not, you should consult a lawyer for advice on the legality of your giveaway. A reputable law firm should have no problem giving you the legal advice you need. There is no better way to ensure your giveaway goes smoothly than to hire an experienced attorney.


The first step in promoting a Tumblr giveaway is to choose a prize and a description. You’ll need these details to start your contest and to select a winner. The prize can be anything, from a laptop to a free magazine subscription. Make sure the giveaway is legal. In the U.S., there are extensive federal and state laws regarding giveaways. In order to avoid legal issues, consult a lawyer about the details of your giveaway.

Ensure that the opt-in offer you choose has giveaway rights. You can use a number of email marketing services to create a widget for your Tumblr blog. GetResponse, for example, allows you to create a simple subscription form. CodeCanyon has a number of HTML opt-in forms available. Make sure to check your license before making any changes. Ensure that your giveaway rights are protected.

Another great way to increase your Tumblr giveaway’s exposure is through influencer outreach. The following tips ‘ help you promote your giveaway by increasing your following and generating traffic for your brand. Increasing your Tumblr followers is an easy task if you follow some of the best marketing tips available. You can use the infographic below to create an excellent promotional strategy. And remember to post your giveaway regularly!

Using email marketing is an effective way to increase traffic to your Tumblr blog. It’s a proven way to collect email addresses and send subscribers your latest posts. Not only ‘ this help you generate more traffic, but it also encourages your readers to share your content with their friends. If you can’t afford to hire an agency or a marketing firm to handle your Tumblr giveaway, you can always choose content syndication.


Running a Tumblr giveaway requires some work on your part. To enter, you must follow the blog that runs the giveaway and give it a certain tag. You can run a contest for a short time or as long as you like. Some users keep the contest open for a month, while others only hold it until they reach a certain number of followers. However, you must be consistent to get the most out of your contest.

To do the giveaway, you must have a Tumblr account and an email address. This way, you can promote your giveaway easily. A simple one-time post may be enough to make your giveaway go viral, but multiple posts in a day ‘ look like spam, so make sure to choose a good day to post. Remember to keep the details confidential. You do not want to lose followers and readers because they do not want to hear about it.

Choosing a prize

One way to increase your Tumblr following is by running a contest. Unlike other social networks, Tumblr does not have any specific rules about what you can and cannot give away. Tumblr also does not allow contests with fake items or ones that generate spam. The key is to make your contest simple and easy to participate in. Follow these tips to help you choose a great prize for your Tumblr giveaway.

Choosing a prize for your giveaway is an important step. You can choose something that a user would use in their everyday life. Prizes should also be something that the winner can use. Shipping fees are another important factor to consider. It is important to note that if you are hosting the giveaway yourself, you are responsible for the prize shipment. It is better if the prize shipping costs are covered by the company that is sponsoring the giveaway.

It is also important to be aware of legal considerations when choosing a prize for your Tumblr giveaway. You ‘ need to adhere to federal and state laws when holding a giveaway. Be sure to consult a lawyer to ensure that you do not violate any rules before starting the giveaway. You ‘ also want to make sure that you choose a prize that is relevant to the giveaway. By giving away a prize, you’ll be encouraging more people to enter your giveaway.

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