How to Do Pooja of a New Car

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Do you want to perform a Pooja for your new car? Here is a list of Rituals and Preparations for performing the Pooja of a new car. Before you begin, make sure you have the items you need. Listed below are some examples of the items you will need. Once you have them all, you are ready to perform the Pooja. You should also make sure that you have the right energy for the pooja.

Performing a pooja for a new car

Performing a pooja for achieving success and attracting luck in your new car is a traditional Hindu ritual. This ritual is performed to give good luck to your new car and keep it safe from accidents. To begin the pooja, bring your new car to a sacred place in your home. You can perform the pooja on a special day, such as a birthday or a festival.

When you purchase a new car, you should wash it with holy water and perform the puja with the priest or other family members present. Next, the person performing the pooja should wash their hands with kalash, the sacred water provided by the pujari. Wash your hands three times with the water and acknowledge the car with your right hand. Place your left hand underneath the right hand while performing the puja.

Once you have your car clean, you can perform the pooja. You can also invite a family member or friend to perform the pooja on your new car. The process usually includes chanting mantras, sweeping rice onto the car hood, and drawing a swastika with the right hand’s third finger. The swastika is an image that has been used as a symbol of good luck in India for thousands of years.

After breaking the coconut near the right front tire, you can sprinkle its water onto the tire. You can also place a lemon under the tires to protect them from bad luck. Finally, you can move the car to the right to complete the pooja. After this, you can draw an Om sign on the hood of the new car using your drawing skills. Finally, you can sprinkle turmeric on the kumkum. The entire process is supposed to make the new car a lucky car.


If you’ve just purchased a new car, then you’re probably wondering how to prepare for it. Luckily, Hindus have a long-established tradition of praying for new items. A new car is no exception. Hindus perform Pooja before the new car is delivered to ensure a harmonious home, good luck, and protection from accidents. A new car Pooja can be performed at home, on a festival, or on special occasions.

First, the new car needs to be cleaned and prepared for puja. Next, the person who purchased the car needs to attend the puja along with the priest and other members of the family. Next, they must wash their hands three times with sacred water, known as kalash. In Hindu temples, a person acknowledges things with the right hand, while the left hand is placed under it. The new car is then ready to be blessed.

The swastika is a Hindu image made from turmeric and sandalwood paste. This image represents good fortune in India and should be placed on the hood of the new car. The owner should then shake some rice onto the front of the car with his right hand. The priest will then use his right hand’s mid finger to draw a swastika on the hood of the car. During the pooja, the owner is required to repeat the chanting of mantras three times.

Vehicle puja is performed six days a week, with Saturday being the exception. Although new car puja is traditionally performed in a temple by a pujari, it is now more common to conduct the pooja yourself at home. Make sure to fill the kalash with water and add the appropriate amount of chandan, perfume, betel leaves, and other items that represent the car’s owner.


In Hinduism, you can perform Vaahan Puja, a traditional prayer, to bless your new car. This prayer is meant to attract good luck and minimize negative events. Hinduism believes that everything is a gift from the Bhagwan, and this prayer is meant to direct you to accept your new car as a blessing and operate it responsibly. This prayer is especially effective in attracting a new car, since it reduces the risks of accidents and other problems.

The first ritual to perform is the puja of a new car. This involves breaking a coconut on the floor in front of the car. Then, a pandit will sprinkle coconut water on the car’s tires, while the owner and other members of their family must attend. The pandit will also place a lemon under each tire, symbolizing a new beginning for the car.

The new car puja can be performed six days a week. However, Saturday is usually avoided. Although a temple is the traditional place to do a new car pooja, modern day practices have made it possible to perform it at home. To do the puja, fill a small kalash with water, add a few drops of chandan, perfume, and a piece of supari or betel leaves. Then, move the car to the right and perform the rest of the ritual. Once you’ve finished the Puja, you can make a small Om sign with the kumkum. You can also sprinkle turmeric on the kumkum.

Before the Pooja begins, a swastika is drawn on the hood of the new car. A swastika is a geometric symbol that represents good luck and prosperity in India. After the Puja is complete, the car owner must repeat mantras and sprinkle rice on the swastika. Then, the new car owner will drive it home, wearing a new outfit.

Items needed

The Hindus perform puja for new objects, including cars. When this is performed, the new car receives divine gifts. It is then cleaned and wiped before the puja. The items needed for this ritual include the car’s pooja kit and Ganesha Car idol. This article will explain each of these items and their importance. You can also find the puja kit online. These can help you get started.

In order to perform the Pooja for a new car, you’ll need the following items. A swastika. The swastika is a picture that represents good fortune in India. The owner is also required to accept holy water with his right hand. The pandit will then draw a swastika on the hood with his right hand’s third finger. To avoid staining the car, use sandalwood paste instead. After the swastika is done, the car owner is required to chant mantras for the new car.

Besides the new car, you should also perform a pooja for the house. In Hindu culture, new items are prayed for to ensure prosperity. People perform Poojas for houses and cars on special occasions or festivals. By performing the Pooja of a new car, you can ensure that your house is always prosperous and free of problems. The Hindus also believe that a new car is lucky, and will prevent accidents.

If you are performing the pooja for a new car, you’ll need a small Ganesha idol. You can buy a plastic case, which will help protect the Ganesha idol and keep it safe. It only takes five minutes to install a Ganesha idol. The idol is made of silver and is kept inside a plastic case. You can also sprinkle turmeric on kumkum, which is an ancient ritual.


Performing a pooja on a new car has numerous benefits. Hindus, for example, have a tradition of performing the Vahana Pooja to bless a new car. The purpose of this ritual is to remove any negative doshas from the new car, as well as protect it from accidents. It can be performed at home or at the time of a special occasion, such as the onset of a new school year.

Generally, a Vehicle Puja is performed when a new car is purchased, but it can also be performed during festivals, which are considered to be good times to purchase a vehicle. Not all new Car Pujas are done the same way, however, and may be performed in a different way in different circumstances. In general, Hindus perform a Vehicle Puja on a new car at the time of purchase to ensure protection and happiness.

Performing a Pooja on a new car begins by cleaning the vehicle and putting it in a special place. A priest or other family members should be present for the Puja. The owner of the new car is then required to participate, along with family members, so that the pujari can bless it with divine gifts. During the Puja, the person must wash his or her hands three times, and acknowledge everything with the right hand. If they have artistic skills, they can draw the Om sign. They should then sprinkle turmeric over the kumkum.

The Pooja of a new car will bring good luck for the new owner. The swastika, a geometric pattern made of turmeric and sandalwood paste, is then drawn on the hood of the new car. The swastika is a good luck symbol, so reciting it over will attract good fortune. This ritual is recommended for anyone who recently purchased a new car.

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