How to Do Puja For New Cars

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To start the Puja, break three coconuts close to the right front tyre and pour the coconut water onto it. Leave the coconut as prasadam, and move the car to the right to complete the Pooja. You can also draw an Om sign using your drawing abilities. Sprinkle turmeric over the kumkum, as well. After this, you can turn the car to the right to finish the Pooja.Vaaha

In Pooja

To perform a Vaahan Pooja for a new car, the owner of the vehicle must attend the puja. A priest will give holy water to the owner, who then accepts it with his right hand. Next, the priest will draw a swastika with his right hand’s mid finger. The swastika is an image of good fortune conceived in ancient India, and is meant to protect the owner from bad luck.

A new car is a special object, and Hindus are customarily inclined to perform a Puja to bless it. Hindus perform this Pooja on a new car for several reasons, such as protection against accidents and a harmonious home. The Puja can be performed on a new car at home, or on a special occasion such as a festival. Once completed, the car will be blessed with a new owner’s prosperity.

Before performing a Puja for a new car, the vehicle should be cleaned and the owner must dress in clean clothes. Some traditions suggest that the vehicle be driven over a lime placed under each tyre, symbolising the crushing of negativity. Other traditional rituals include breaking a coconut and applying sandalwood paste to the vehicle to mark its auspiciousness. These Pujas can also be performed in the privacy of one’s own home, although a pandit is the preferred option for most people.

Lord Ganesha idols

If you’re buying a new car, there are several ways to do a puja. Firstly, you’ll need a Ganesha idol, preferably a standing one. Then, you’ll want to place it in the north direction, if possible. You can also place a Ganesha image in the main entrance. If you want to do the puja in the car’s trunk, you can place the statue in the north-east. This will attract the energies of Lord Ganesha, and will help you overcome any obstacles that come your way.

Alternatively, you can choose an idol that is right-sided, which is the more traditional choice. This kind of Ganesha idol symbolizes the energy of the sun, which creates happiness, but can also bring sadness. In either case, a right-sided Ganesha should be placed near food. This is because Ganesha is a symbol of change and flexibility. Moreover, it brings prosperity and family bonding.

Whether you wish to worship the deity with a picture of him in your home or a small wooden box, you can worship him in many ways. You can even make a clay idol with your family. To worship Ganesha, you can make him an idol using turmeric and clay, or you can use a traditional method of worship with an image of the lord. If you’re planning on buying a new car, it’s important to worship him with the intention of avoiding obstacles.

Saraswati idols

If you are looking forward to get a new car, you should perform a Puja in front of Saraswati idols to get the vehicle blessed. You can buy Saraswati idols that are made of poly resin and are beautifully carved. These idols represent free flow of consciousness and wisdom. You can use them in a car, study table, home temple, or wherever you want to place them. By performing this Puja, you will gain prosperity, knowledge, and wisdom.

To perform the Puja, you should prepare the offering plate and a small lamp and join your palms together. Then, you should perform the Saraswati Puja ritual, which involves reciting the mantra and performing an aarti. Afterwards, you should wash your hands with water and offer the offerings to the Saraswati idols. You can also buy some small garlands and flower petals to decorate the Saraswati idols.

In the Hindu tradition, Saraswati is associated with knowledge, art, music, philosophy, and creativity. The idol of Saraswati holding a veena represents knowledge and creativity that bring harmony in our lives. The anuraga represents all emotions and expressions in speech and music, and Saraswati worshipping both represents learning and wisdom. In the modern context, Saraswati is associated with the musical instrument veena.

Lord Ganesha mantras

Hindus perform a special puja for new objects, including new cars, to welcome the vehicle with benevolence and abundance. The car is cleansed and wiped before the puja. During the puja, the priest places the Ganesha idol near the steering wheel. The car owner must attend the puja with family members, as well as the priest. First, the person purchasing the car washes his hands three times with the kalash. Then, the person performs a puja by placing his hands in the air, then holding his right hand over his left.

The first step is to invoke the Lord. This is done by chanting the Lord Ganesha Mantra in front of a Murti. Next, the Ganesha statue is installed. After installing the statue, the worshipper offers flowers, fruits, and scented water to the idol. Then, they offer Lord Ganesha flowers in an Anjali and pour water over his feet while chanting the Mantra.

The next step is to prepare a special offering for the Lord Ganesha. In addition to the new car, Ganesha can be used for many other reasons. For example, if the new car is for a new job or a car loan, Ganesha can grant the opportunity to do so. The Hindu god of wisdom is often invoked during puja for new homes, new businesses, and new beginnings.

Swastika symbol

Performing a Puja for a new car can be a fun and effective way to get lucky. Swastikas are widely used in India and in other parts of the world and have been used as a symbol for good luck and prosperity for ages. The interlocking design of the swastika was used in architecture and textiles as a symbol of happiness and fertility. The swastika has also been used in many popular culture, and pop star Madonna has made use of them in a video that was released in 2012. The swastika symbol is so powerful that it almost redeemed its image in history.

The process of performing Puja for new car using Swastikan mantra involves drawing a swastika symbol on the hood of the car. To make the swastika, the car owner should first wash his hands and accept holy water in his right hand. After cleaning his hands, the car processor should make a swastika in the hood of the new car. The swastika is made of turmeric powder mixed with sandalwood paste. This paste is meant to attract good luck to the car, and should not stain the vehicle.


Hindus perform puja for new things, such as a new car, to bless it with the blessings of gods and goddesses. The new car is cleaned, and the pooja priest offers the buyer and their family kalash of sacred water to pour over the car. The new owner washes his/her hands three times before the puja begins. The right hand acknowledges everything while the left hand rests under the right.

The Vehicle Puja can be performed on any day of the week, although Saturday is generally avoided. In the past, the puja for a new car was performed by a pujari at a temple, but now, it is more common to perform it at home. During the puja, the kalash should be filled with water and chandan, perfume, a piece of supari, and betel leaves.

The new car is cleaned and the Puja begins. The car owner is required to accept holy water with his or her right hand and wash it thoroughly before participating in the puja. After accepting the holy water, the priest draws the swastika symbol on the hood with his or her right hand. The priest then uses his or her right hand’s mid-finger to draw a swastika on the car’s hood. The swastika is an image of good fortune and prosperity and has been believed to be an auspicious symbol in India for thousands of years.


Hindus have a ritual called puja for a new car. They perform the ritual before buying a new car, and after the vehicle is cleaned. After the puja, the person who bought the new car, along with his family members, will attend the ceremony. They will wash their hands three times with kalash (sacred water) offered by the pujari. The left hand is placed beneath the right hand.

A Hindu prayer known as Vaahan Puja is recited to bless the new car and to ensure that negative events do not occur. This prayer is meant to thank the Bhagwan and to help the new owner operate the car responsibly. This ritual is also considered a form of worship and should be performed on special occasions and festivals. Here is a sample ritual you can do at home. Here are some tips for the Ritual of Puja for new car.

First, the car must be cleaned. The owner is responsible for accepting the holy water and the pandit will draw the swastika with the third finger of the right hand. The priest will apply a paste of turmeric, sandalwood powder, and water to the hood of the new car. The paste should not stain the car. The swastika is a symbol that attracts good luck and prosperity.

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