How to Fight Chapter 4 – What I Learned

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Last Updated on September 16, 2022

This article will discuss what I learned in the first few chapters of How to Fight Chapter 4. It will cover the Bugs in the Manga Translation, Boss fights in Balan Wonderworld, Stacey’s cheat sheet, and why she finally accepts responsibility for the bugs. In addition, I’ll share a strategy for completing this chapter. It may also help you understand how to read the manga, so you can enjoy it even more.

Boss fights in Balan Wonderworld

In Balan Wonderworld, you’ll have to face three bosses before you can move on to the next level. The first boss is Lance, a giant dragon. Lance can be killed using the power of friendship. When you fight him, you must use the power of friendship to damage him, and you must be fast enough to jump over his shockwaves. Then, he will shoot a beam that knocks you down, so make sure you can do so. You need to kill this boss three times to complete the level, or you’ll be stuck for a long time.

As you progress through the game, you’ll encounter more difficult bosses. In some cases, the boss will attack you both in-game and in real life. However, you need to be careful to avoid getting shocked by this boss, especially if you’re epileptic. If you’re epileptic, you’ll want to watch the video with the screen at a low brightness and play at a slower speed.

You’ll have to find a way to reach the Statue on the top of the boss room. Once you’ve reached this, you can jump out of the rotating hallway to reach Statue 9 and kill it. The Pounding Robot and the Slow Tortoise are great for butt-slamming the boss, while the Lethal Vacuum Bot can suck a colored statue through a wall. If you can’t find the Statue, try walking on a ledge so you can dodge his attacks.

To defeat the bosses, you need to collect Balan Statues. Balan Statues are scattered all over the game, but you can only collect seven per world. Hence, you need to make it a point to find all seven. The next time you fail a QTE, you can close and re-launch the game. Afterwards, you can try your luck by defeating the boss a third time.

The second style of fighting is simple and doesn’t require a special costume. In this style, the boss will fire propellers at you, which you must jump on to stun him. Then, you can attack his nose. If you hit it enough, you’ll take damage. But make sure you’re quick enough to catch him! So, the next time you encounter the boss, you’ll be ready to take on the next boss!

Stacey’s cheat sheet

Stacey’s cheat sheet for fighting has been her best friend for months. She carries it with her everywhere. When the family is robbed at the Wallace Store, Stacey is determined to find her friend before he gets away. Despite the sting of the consequences, Stacey is determined to beat him. In order to do so, she must find his cheat sheet first.

After being caught with the cheat sheet from T.J., Stacey gets into a fight with him. She is then whipped by her mom. Later, T.J. and Stacey get into a fistfight. When T.J. catches her cheating, Stacey is blamed for the fight, and she will not tell her Mama about it. She is able to catch him, but it costs her a lot of trouble with Mama.

Stacey accepts the blame

In Fighting chapter four, Stacey admits to fighting T.J., despite the fact that she had not purchased anything at Wallace’s. Although the children protested, Stacey accepts the blame. After all, she was the one who had brought T.J. to the store in the first place. However, Stacey doesn’t say that T.J. was cheating on the test.

Cassie is moping at home and can’t help pointing the finger at Stacey. She has to hide from her mother because she has to worry about the “night men.” Cassie, meanwhile, thinks she’s responsible for the boys. She doesn’t tell Stacey about the bus, which is an example of how the Logan children act. They live by the same principles as their parents.

Stacey attempts to enact her own justice. She starts to beat T.J. but Mr. Morrison interrupts her and warns her not to fight in front of the Wallaces. Stacey then tells L. T. to confess to Mama and apologize to T.J. for the incident. Ultimately, Stacey and T.J. fight in front of the class.

In the meantime, Cassie wants to visit Mr. Morrison, the owner of the property. The two children clean for him and like him. However, Stacey doesn’t like him. She feels that he is taking over her life. Then she tries to find out if it’s a coincidence or not. After all, he’s the one who made the kids clean.

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