How to Increase Competition Prestige on Howrse

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Last Updated on September 16, 2022

If you are new to the game, you are likely wondering how to increase competition prestige on Howrse. The prestige that your horse gains in competition is based on several factors, including the number of boxes that your horse occupies. This is an important factor to remember when assessing your prestige level. The higher the prestige of your horse, the better it is for your center. However, temporary staff may only bring less prestige than permanent staff.

Earning Equus fast

There are several ways to earn Equus quickly. One way is to win competitions, and then sell them to other players. This is particularly helpful for new players, as they can often find useful prizes from them. Other methods include hoarding goods such as carrots, oats, fodder, and tack. These can be sold for better tack. Alternatively, you can sell them to other players in the black market.

Another way to earn Equus quickly is to sell your horses to players. A single Equus can be sold to another player for 100 Equus, but a horse with a high price tag will cost you more. The horse’s BLUP can increase by up to +100, depending on how many Equus it has. You can also sell your horses to others to increase their reputation.

If you’re aiming to earn more competition prestige, you need to enter more horse races. You need to have a good combination of skills to become a champion. Having a horse with high stamina will boost your prestige, while the ability to jump is vital for a good ride. Your horse’s Stamina will determine whether or not you’ll be able to get registered for competitions. When you win a rosette, you get twice as many Equus as if you had won less competitions. But beware, you can’t win the same rosette twice.

By acquiring new resources, you can also improve your EC and increase your competition prestige. You can also sell your finished products to other players and earn equus. You can sell these items for 5 equus each or keep them for yourself. The process isn’t easy, however, so you should specialize in different areas so that you can sell items and gain a higher amount of equus in the process.

While there are no specific rules for piggybacking fillers on Howrse, you can buy a second horse for a high price. However, this is illegal and will only lead to a scam. Besides, piggybacking horses can cost you money, and the last thing you want is to get smashed! Therefore, you need to keep this in mind to earn more quickly and increase your competition prestige on Howrse.

You can also sell black market items to increase your prestige. However, there is a limit on the amount of money you can sell in this manner. To earn a greater amount, you can complete a few missions, and the maximum amount is 300,000 e. You can also enter competitions by obtaining top rankings. The prestige of your equestrian center increases with your participation.

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