How to Make a Fantroll

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Last Updated on September 16, 2022

If you want to create a fantasy character, then you must first learn how to make a fantroll. You can also find information on the internet, which can help you in this matter. The main steps in the process are to choose a name for your character, blood color, hair color, horn and armour colors, and finally, choosing a hat. Having all these factors in place, you’ll be ready to create a fantroll in no time.

Blood color

What does a blood color mean to a fantroll? It means that they’re a different color from you. Unlike other fantasy races, fantrolls are not limited to one color, but can have any color they want. For example, Charon Redmur is fuchsia, and Bobbin Everet is teal. Although both of these names sound like humans, they’re not. They have different types of blood color, so they’re not actually human colors.

The blood color of a fantroll is determined by the Hemospectrum, a rainbow of different shades of red, orange, and yellow. According to Andrew Hussie, there are 12 canon blood colors. Although dancestors have slightly different shades of red than their Beta counterparts, they still fall into the same blood color category. Alternia and Beforus have different views of Blood Caste.

A fantroll with Violet blood is a seadweller. Other fantrolls are landdwellers. If they had fuchsia blood, they would be able to live in the ocean. The game is very specific about blood colors, and you can’t make a fantroll out of a pink or blue one. Alternatively, if you want a fantroll with a purple skin, use a blue blood instead of a green one.

Hair color

It is important to make sure that the hair color of your fantroll matches the rest of the character. It is important to have hair that is black. Trolls do not have time to fuss with their hairstyles. Because barbers do not exist on Alternia, they should have simple hairstyles. Their blood color dictates their hair color, so if you’re planning to add different shades of hair to your fantroll, it’s best to keep it simple.

Trolls are typically created as role-playing characters, and often feature Trollian handles to role-play with other trolls. Many fantrolls explore Alternian culture and play the videogame Sgrub. For this reason, many fantrolls have orange hair. Hair colors and hairstyles vary considerably depending on the fantroll’s blood type. However, a fantroll’s hair color should be compatible with the rest of the character’s features, as well as his or her personality.

Horn color

There are three ways to color the horn of a fandango. The first is to go with a solid color. You can’t go too bright or too dark for the horn. The second method is to add some detail. If the horn is a solid color, add a bit of brown to give it a more realistic look. The third method is to use a mix of two different colors to get the desired effect.

Trolls typically have two horns, one on each side of the head. They should be attached somewhere on the skull, not in the ears. Usually the horn grows out over the ear, and it should be curving naturally. If you don’t want the horn to look odd, file down the horns. Those with pointed horns should have their horns trimmed down.

The last way to color the horn is to paint it white. These horns are usually made from hard keratin, which can be difficult to color. Adding red to them will make them look like fantrolls. Make sure to give them enough keratin to create a natural appearance. Once you’ve achieved this, you’ll need to give them a little bit of a boost.


While crafting a fantroll armor, there are many things to consider. One of the first steps is to make sure that you choose a suitable type. You can also choose the design that will go well with your character. You can use a mixture of different materials, such as metal and wood, to create your fantroll armor. Once you have selected the appropriate type, you should start crafting. This way, you can avoid any confusion later on.


If you’re making a character with fantrolls, you might want to think about the types of weapons your troll can use. There are several different types of fantroll weapons, including penkind, brushkind, and canons. Ultimately, the type of weapon that your character uses is entirely up to you. Considering your character’s traits can help you come up with an appropriate weapon. For example, a character with weak physical attributes should not use heavy iron weapons.


If you’re planning to write a story about a fantroll, you’ll need to include some quirks for your character. This is perhaps the most important part of writing a fantroll. Your quirks should express your troll’s unique voice. The trick is to make sure they are original and stylized to fit your theme. They should also be short and to the point, unless you’re using a troll from another world.

When writing a fantroll’s quirks, you’ll have to be able to read it. Some trolls don’t capitalize or use punctuation, but they’re still recognizable. To do this, you can change the punctuation or omit certain letters. A troll with capital letters can be easily identified from his or her trolltag, but not in the way that they write.

Other quirks that you might want to consider are their weapon type. Some fantrolls use penkind, while others use brushkind. You can also consider what physical attributes they have, as a fantroll with a weak physical attribute shouldn’t use a heavy iron weapon. If you don’t know yet, look at other fantrolls and use their quirks to determine what weapon would fit your character best.


A fantroll is a small, ferocious creature found in fantasy and science fiction fantasy worlds. They are fierce and fearsome, and rarely speak, but have a physical sense of humor. If you’re playing as a fantroll in your game, consider these tips when designing a weapon. First, always make sure that it matches the physical attributes of your character. Secondly, always make sure that it doesn’t look like a stuffed animal or a pet!

If you’re wondering about the size of a fantroll, the height of the adult is a good way to compare it to the size of a full-grown human. As a full-grown adult fantroll, Condesce is nearly as tall as the Homestuck Kids! Obviously, Aranea is the smallest of the three, but the adult troll, Condesce, is about 1.5 times larger than the Homestuck Kids.

A fantroll’s anatomy is confusing, with its lack of concepts of heterosexuality or homosexuality. Despite this, trolls are able to form offspring with any mate, and their physical differences seem mostly cosmetic. However, the troll aristocracy is very familiar with human jargon and uses it in their language. Burgundy’s “ablution trap” is called a bathtub by blue-bloods, and a fantroll’s breasts have biological purposes other than lactation.

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