How to Make Goat Pee Tire Prep

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Last Updated on September 16, 2022

Tire prep is something you’ll probably be looking for this year. You can find many methods, but the one that works best for me is goat pee. It softens tires in a very short period of time and gives great bite. It’s the best tire prep for harsh tracks. Other options are harder to compare. Then again, I’m not trying to be scientific! But it sure beats rubbing a bunch of goat pee on your tires!

Better Than Goat P Red

If you’re looking for a tire prep that will last for weeks, Better Than Goat P Red might be the product for you. It has been shown to last as long as three months on most tires. Its unique formulation means that it is an excellent accelerator for tire preps. This product contains an additive called DRT, which stands for dirt repelling technology. It is safe for use on all kinds of tires, including high-performance tires.

Atomic Orange

If you’re not sure how to prepare tires for racing, try using a product known as Atomic Orange. This preparation can soften tires dramatically and is ideal for rough tracks. It also works well as an internal tire prep, and provides quick adhesion and penetration. It also creates a sticky feeling early in the run. However, it can only be rolled in deeply. It is therefore important to use caution when using it to soften tires.

The most common tire prep is Goat-P, which is not as popular as Gold Flash, but was designed to avoid cutting tires in a tire lathe. The product can also be used on used tires. To prep a tire for goat pee, you need a bucket with at least five gallons of water. Afterward, add a quarter cup of Acrysol to the bucket. This product opens up the pores in the rubber, allowing the Goat Pee to penetrate the tire. Once the liquid has been absorbed into the tire, it can be refinished, or it can be left in to decrease the durometer.

It is possible to apply Goat P externally using a brush or roller. If you are using an aggressive tire prep, 12094 Pink Panther is not recommended, as it dries too quickly and can ruin the tire. Applied on the tire before you go to the grid, the product will provide a temporary take off. It is safe to use for tires, and a small amount can do wonders.

Speedy 500

If you’re looking for a traditional, all-purpose tire prep, look no further than goat pee. This natural substance is the most effective on all wet tracks. It’s best used during the week and at the track, as the chemicals in goat pee are best absorbed by tires at low temperatures. Heat will also drive more of the chemical into the tire. Listed below are some of the benefits of goat pee for tires.

Better Than Goat P Red: A safer alternative to goat p, Better Than GPR drops the tire durometer 5-35 points and doesn’t have the distinctive smell of goat pee. However, if you want to experience the same effects without the odor, GPR is the best choice. It’s safe to use when tire conditions are 45 degrees or above, but should only be applied on wet or dry slick tracks.

Goat P: A natural, organic alternative to synthetic urethane. This tire prep is easily mixed with other tire preps and can be applied externally with a brush or roller. Acrysol: This tire prep provides extra bite on hard tracks and additional saturation on marginal ones. While this preparation should be used sparingly, Acrysol mixes well with other tire preps and gives an adhesion effect.

Pink Panther

There are many reasons to prepare your tires with goat pee. In Indian traditional medicine, goat urine is believed to have therapeutic value. It is said to have helped treat tuberculosis. The rhizomes of Curcuma zedoaria and caesia have traditionally been used for the same purpose. You can use the same formula to prepare your tires. However, this preparation is more effective for wet track conditions.

Goat pee is a traditional tire softener. Goat pee can be applied to tires during the week or at the track. Wiping the tire during the week provides a larger bite than wiping it on the track. Heat drives the chemical deeper into the tire. The best time to apply goat pee is before a race. Wipe inside the tires before the race to increase the effectiveness of the goat pee.

Pink Panther is an organic compound found in goat’s urine. While it may sound weird, it is effective as a topical surface prep. It also induces natural resins into the rubber. It can be applied 10 minutes before grid day and can give temporary take off. In addition to working as a tire prep, it is also a great way to clean your bike’s tires. But keep in mind that Pink Panther is highly flammable and should be used in a well-ventilated area.

The following ingredients work well for tire prep. Better Than Goat P Red is a non-toxic alternative to goat p. It has almost the same effect but does not smell. Better Than Goat P Red reduces the durometer by five to 35 points. Use Better Than Goat P Red on both wet and dry tracks. It can reduce the durometer of the tire, but it should be used with caution on tracks with high temperature.

Yellow Crush

If you want to use Yellow Crush for goat pee tire prep, then it is important that you follow the proper guidelines. Generally, you can use up to 20% Yellow Crush. This mix is effective for tires from Firestone, Pink Maxxis, and King. You can also mix Yellow Crush with 20% Black Sand. However, don’t forget to apply it at night. Yellow Crush is an important part of Insanity Speed Elixir tire prep.

If you use “Goat Pee of Gold” on your tires, you’ll need to do two separate applications. This is a good idea because you’ll have to deal with different kinds of goat pee on your tires. Yellow Crush is more suitable for light-colored tires, while Insanity Wet Track is ideal for dark-colored and hard-to-reach tires. The two are different products, but both will deliver excellent results.

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