How to Relax in the Dentist Chair

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Last Updated on September 16, 2022

While there are no magic solutions, there are several ways to help you relax in the dentist chair. Creating an image of a relaxing environment, calming music and running water can help ease your dental anxiety. Using aromatherapy, colouring glasses and even running water are also good ideas. Using a visual image of a calming environment can help you relax even further. Here are some ways to help you relax in the dentist chair.

Running water

Many dentists use different strategies to add running water sound to their dental practices. Some install aquariums to make the sounds more real, while others opt for noisier water coolers. Listening to the sound of running water can relax your body and mind. Running water also has a soothing effect on the brain, reducing stress levels and lowering your heart rate. Hence, a flowing water fountain can help you relax in the dentist chair.

If you find the noise at the dental clinic too loud, use headphones or noise-cancelling earphones. You can also use on-demand movies and ceiling-mounted television screens to keep your mind occupied. In addition to these, you can also bring your favorite music or play video games on your mobile device while you’re in the dentist’s chair. These distractions will make the experience more comfortable for you.

If you have a dental unit that includes a separate reservoir for water, always ensure that it is disinfected properly. The dentist may offer you a “meet-and-greet” time with the tools that will be used during your visit. It’s also helpful to know what each tool is for. This will allow you to feel more comfortable and relaxed when you visit the dentist’s office.

Calming music

Listening to soothing music is a good way to help patients relax during their dental appointments. You can choose from different genres of music, such as classical, folk, or easy listening. You can even mix and match genres, since your employees will appreciate a mix of styles. The best option for dental offices is to use music that helps patients and employees relax. You can choose from a wide variety of genres, so you can find something that works for everyone in your practice.

Although some dentists play music that can make patients feel comfortable, it’s not advisable to listen to the radio during a dental appointment. Radio stations are prone to commercial breaks, and these breaks can be very disruptive to your appointment. Additionally, radio stations play commercials for competing dental practices. Bad weather forecasts and stressful news reports can increase the anxiety of patients. So, it’s a good idea to play music that is commercial-free.

Studies have proven that classical music is soothing to the ears. In a systematic review of the effects of music during dental procedures, patients exposed to piano music experienced a reduction in anxiety and heart rate. Further, a 2008 study found that patients who listened to Mozart’s piano sonatas had fewer stressful hormone levels and decreased blood pressure. The results were promising, and the study has since become a popular alternative therapy.


Essential oils are a great way to reduce dental anxiety. They have been used as alternative medicine for centuries and can have a calming effect. Some dentists have added aromatherapy to the dental chair to help patients relax before and after their appointments. Lavender is a popular choice for patients who are afraid of the dentist’s drill and will also soothe the nerves. Other aromatherapy products may include lip satin, comfort pillows, and spa gloves.

The American Association of Cosmetic Dentistry recommends placing a few drops of lavender oil on a patient’s bib. Some dentists use lavender oil because it makes them sleepy, but it isn’t the best option. The high altitude version is not recommended for dental offices because it contains high levels of camphor, 1,8 cineole, and other neurotoxins. In addition, spike lavender is adulterated with lavendin or synthetic linalool, which is a neurotoxic.

Another benefit of using aromatherapy in the dental chair is that it is effective for both male and female patients. The ambient odor in the dental office has been shown to reduce female dental anxiety and improve their mood. The Aromatherapy Database is maintained by the Essential Oil Resource Consultants. These websites provide extensive information about essential oils and their therapeutic use. You can also find a practitioner’s guide to essential oils. When using aromatherapy in the dental chair, make sure you choose a certified aromatherapy practitioner.

Coloured glasses

If you have ever visited the dentist, you have probably seen a dental assistant hand you a pair of glasses. The glasses are darkly tinted, preventing your eyes from being exposed to the bright overhead light. You may even think the glasses are blinkers! They actually protect your eyes from debris and particles that could get in your eye during dental work. Moreover, they protect the dentist’s hands and instruments.

Most dentists use high-powered lamps to see inside the darkest parts of your mouth, causing your anxiety. Coloured glasses can help you relax in the dentist’s chair because they can block out the bright light from the lamp and protect your eyes from flying objects. Many dentists recommend wearing coloured glasses during dental visits. The glasses can also help you to feel less nervous, as you will be less likely to worry about the treatment itself.

Exercise your brain

While waiting in the dentist’s chair, you can exercise your mind by doing something that taxes it. It can be a puzzle, something to do at home, or even a simple mental exercise. Whatever you do, make sure to have something to keep your mind occupied while in the dentist’s chair. Your dentist will appreciate the distraction! This simple exercise will help you relax in the dentist’s chair and prevent you from feeling anxious during your appointment.

The Academy of General Dentistry offers relaxation tips. Avoid sugary and caffeine-filled foods before your appointment. Protein is known to calm us down. Another way to relax is to visualize a relaxing tropical beach, or a cozy forest cabin. Taking deep breaths and relaxing your muscles will help you relax. This will reduce your nervousness and make you less likely to have an anxiety attack. This article will discuss some of the techniques you can use to relax before your dental appointment.

Using a “stop signal” with your dentist

A stop signal is a way to give your dentist a visual cue to end the dental appointment. This signal can be anything from pressing a button to raising your hand. It can also be something as simple as blinking three times or making a coughing noise. In case you’re afraid of dentists, consider using a “stop signal” with your new dentist to test their reactions.

Another helpful tip is to take a friend with you to the dentist’s office. This way, your friend can be your moral support. You can also take a favorite pillow, back cushion, or blanket. Having a companion with you will help you feel more comfortable in the chair. You can also use a stop signal when you feel uncomfortable and need to catch your breath.

When you’re at the dentist’s office, try to find a chair that reclines, as lying down in the chair makes you feel vulnerable. Many patients complain about how their pediatric dentist treated them. Ask them what position they prefer, and then go with that option if it makes the experience more comfortable. You might even be surprised by their recommendation. And the dentist’s suggestion could end up causing a better result for you.

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