How to Spell Mississippi Joke

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Last Updated on September 16, 2022

Despite its humpback pronunciation, crooked letter spelling and humpback spelling are common ways to learn how to spell Mississippi jokes. You can use these fun methods to teach your child how to spell the word. Cameron Bailey has mastered both ways, and can spell Mississippi either way, thanks to her mother’s vocabulary. As she once said, “that is totally irrelevant.”

crooked letter

Did you know that the crooked letter in Mississippi joke actually rhymes with humpback, straight, and humpback? The Mississippi river runs south from northern Minnesota to the Gulf of Mexico. It is approximately 3,988 miles (6,418 km) long and consists of three tributaries. Its headwaters are located in Missouri. It is the principal river of the United States.


How to spell humpback in Mississippi is not a difficult concept when you consider the fact that this whale spends most of its time in the New England waters. It uses its baleen plates to filter water as it dives for food. This humpback is probably a juvenile that was between 32 and 35 feet long. It was probably diving for a school of small fish. Despite its unusually fast speed, this whale stayed close to the surface for long periods of time.


Have you ever heard the phrase “Thank God for Mississippi”? It’s a common saying among people in the United States, especially when discussing the rankings of U.S. states. However, you may not have heard this particular adage until now. This phrase is often misused, and there are several ways to spell the state’s name. Here are three examples:


If you’re a student of English, you know how important it is to master the rules of spelling. In fact, spelling mistakes can derail any argument and stymie a good conversation. A great example of a Mississippi joke is when a school doctor asks John if he’s suffering from appendicitis. This redneck answers, “The river.” He’s actually referring to the state of Mississippi.

s’s in mississippi

The s’s in Mississippi joke is as old as the state itself. Mississippi is one of the most heavily black states in the country. In fact, it hasn’t elected a black politician to a statewide office since Reconstruction. Black Mississippians had to file lawsuits to gain voting rights. That makes the joke all the more interesting. While it’s true that Mississippi is overwhelmingly black, the joke is a little more complex than that.

i’s in mississippi

A classic I’m in Mississippi joke involves a man sitting on his front porch watching the sunrise while watching a tractor-trailer slide off a icy bridge into the mighty, blue Mississippi. Two blondes ask each other which is closer, a tornado in Oklahoma or a divorce in Mississippi, and they respond, “Duh!”

The state is full of oddities, including the fact that the football team, the Rebels, plays in the NFL and the University of Mississippi has a championship ring. The state fair, on the other hand, has a 20-foot-long funnel cake line that has five teeth in each side. And rectal thermometers are banned from the University of Mississippi campus because they cause brain damage. But that’s not all. There are other humorous facts about Mississippi.

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