How to Use a Chango Macho Candle

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Last Updated on September 16, 2022

If you have been reading about African tradition and its many benefits, you might be wondering how to use a chango macho candle. This candle is said to invoke the “Spirit of Lightning” or the King of the orishas. It is best lit on Friday and the number six. Using a chango macho candle can harm enemies, so use it wisely!


A Chango Macho candle is a powerful spiritual tool for attracting money, love, health, and luck. This 7-day candle also comes with a set of incense matches and a card reading. This candle will help you manifest the things you desire in life. However, if you’re unsure of how to use this candle, here are some basic steps to make it work for you.

The Chango Macho deity is also known as Shango and Sango. He is one of the Seven African Powers, the “King of Santeria,” and is known for his gambling prowess and temper. The Chango Macho candle will channel the spirit of this deity to bring you good fortune in your gambling endeavors. By burning the Chango Macho candle on a Friday or on the number six, you can ward off your enemies and bring good luck.

First, prepare your candles for burning. Make sure that they are placed away from children. You can also use them as a symbol of rebirth, leaving behind your past and embracing a new life. Remember to keep them away from pets, children, and anything else that could catch fire. A prayer candle is also a powerful tool to achieve your goals. Using one is easy and powerful. It will help you achieve the success you’ve always wanted.

Orisha of good luck

The Chango Macho/Spirit of Good Luck is an African deity. His traditional powers include lightning, thunder and virility. He is also a master of dance and a fierce warrior and sorcerer. In traditional art, he appears as a handsome young man holding a double-headed axe. The colors associated with this deity are red and white. When lit, the candle is said to attract love, health, and money.

This powerful deity was the fourth king of Oyo. According to oral tradition, Shango was extremely powerful and was challenged by his subordinate chief. The subordinate chief used magic on Shango and many townspeople turned against him. He left Oyo and committed suicide by hanging himself. Many of his faithful followers claim that he ascended into the heavens on a chain. This was his moment to transform into an orisha.

Orisha of wealth

The Chango Macho is the Orisha spirit of wealth and prosperity. She is also the god of lightning and thunder. She is an orisha of power and virility, a dance master, fierce warrior, and powerful sorcerer. Her symbols usually depict a handsome young man wearing a crown and a double headed axe. She is most often associated with red and white.

In ancient Yoruba mythology, Shango is the fourth king of Oyo, and a powerful deity. According to oral tradition, he challenged a subordinate chief and was defeated. In retaliation, many of the townpeople deserted Shango. He left Oyo and committed suicide by hanging himself. However, his faithful followers claim that he ascended to the heavens on a chain. His disappearance prompted his transformation into an orisha.

Ways to personalize chango macho candle

There are numerous ways to personalize a chango macho candle. Many candles have their own meaning, depending on what they are used for. You can use photos to decorate the candle or add special messages. These make lovely Christmas gifts, fun birthday presents, and memorial candles. If you want to add even more meaning to your candle, try adding fragrant oils and a message. Besides, they make great gifts!

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