How to Use a Flex Lance

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Last Updated on September 16, 2022

A flex lance is a tool used for cleaning pipes and tubes. They range in length, connections, and pressure. PSI carries flex lances of up to 40,000 psi. They typically come in 50′, 75′, and 100′ sections, but custom lengths are also available. Contact PSI for help choosing the right one for your application. For example, a 20K flex lance can be ordered with right-hand threads for right-hand piping.

NLB flex lances are the basic tools of hydro jetting

When working on large projects, it’s important to have the right tools for the job. NLB water jetting tools make pipe cleaning a breeze, and they work with high-pressure water to blast away hardened deposits. This equipment consists of lances, nozzles, fittings, and accessories. Learn about each one, and how it can improve your project’s productivity.

They can be used for both horizontal and vertical cleaning of two tubes at a time

Flexible lances are a popular choice for heat exchanger cleaning because they are safe to use. The flexible lances do not require any operator contact and are used for both horizontal and vertical cleaning. The operator simply positions the lances gun to the next two tubes and retracts them into the machine. Because they can clean two tubes at a time, they can be used for multiple applications, such as cleaning several heat exchangers at a time.

They offer more safety and comfort than any other manufacturer

Flexible floor plans provide more interior space and a wider view of the outdoors than conventional RVs. The unique combination of sliding windows, a slide-out bed, and off-grid capabilities help keep occupants warm and comfortable in all conditions. A patented duct heating system and water heater bypass also add to the safety and comfort of these models. Compared to wood, the Lances are 50% lighter, twice as strong, and three times more insulating. The insulated bed pad helps prevent the cold from accumulating and keeping the RV interior temperature and humidity levels stable.

They have hose catchers

A flexible lance with a hose catcher assists in cleaning vertical tubes. The nozzle travels in and out of the tube under pressure, which prevents contamination. The hose catcher helps prevent boomeranging and protects the operator from high-pressure spray. These tools come in a variety of sizes and flange bolt circle diameters. You can also order adaptors for flangeless pipes.

Another benefit to flex lances is their safety features. The hose catchers prevent a live nozzle from exiting the pipe, which protects the operator from high-pressure sprays. They feature 3 sizes of lance stoppers and extra-large diffusers. The safety guards are also highly adaptable and come with various sized pipe clamps. The BJ-305 has clamps for 2″-6″ pipes and 4″-8″ pipes. The BJ-325 has clamps for 5″-17″ pipes and a circle diameter. The BJ-340 includes a chain clamp attachment and a flange-free version.

One advantage of flex lances is that their nozzles are designed with multiple orifices that self-propel the nozzle. These multiple orifices provide 360-degree jet patterns. Each nozzle has a front and rear orifice for forward thrust. If you want to use the flex lances to clean the insides of a tube, check for these nozzles and pay attention to their design.

They are lightweight

The Flex lance is a portable, high-pressure, flexible lance. The lances range in pressure, length, and connections. A 50-foot flex lance is standard, while longer hoses can be custom-ordered. PSI can help you find the right flex lance for your specific application. They are also available in right hand threads. The weight of these lances is surprisingly light for the amount of force they can apply.

They are easy to operate

The safety guard is an integral part of the Flex lance, preventing a live nozzle from escaping and causing a splash or high-pressure spray to the operator. The safety guard has three sizes to fit a wide range of pipe sizes and is extremely adaptable. The BJ-305 comes with clamps for two to six-inch pipes, while the BJ-310 is designed to secure 5″ to 17-inch pipes. The BJ-325 is a chain clamp attachment for 15 to 36-inch pipes. The BJ-325 is a safety guard and a quick-change insert makes changing lance diameters a breeze.

The Autojet FX 2/3 is available with three flexlances, with each lance having a corresponding attachment and connection. The Adapter plate allows the operator to easily remove the arms for cleaning or maintenance. The Adapter plate allows the operator to replace the arms as necessary. Flex lances are simple to operate and are a great option for cleaning large tubes. Flex lances are also easy to handle, with the help of a quick guide on their operation.

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