How to Use Mojo Wish Beans

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Last Updated on September 16, 2022

You may have seen these Mojo Wish Beans around. These small, shiny beads are usually around 1 inch long, and are sold for $1 each. They may remind you of Jack and the Bean Stalk, or they might just be a collectible. Whatever your reason, you’ll enjoy learning about these magical charms! Read on for some information on their common names and purpose. And don’t forget to buy a few for yourself!

Good luck charm

There are many ways to use Mojo Wish Beans, and you can even enchant them with herbs. These small black beans are used in rituals to bring luck. A ritual includes wearing the bean for seven days, chanting your wish, and throwing it into a bowl of running water. This ritual can bring you good luck, so make sure to read the directions before attempting it. Listed below are the most common ways to use Mojo Beans.

The most common way to use Mojo Wish Beans is to focus on a single wish and toss it into a bowl of water. Your wish should come true within seven days. There are also several other ways to use Mojo Wish Beans, such as carrying them around in a wallet or purse. You can use them as good luck charms to attract money, prosperity, success, and abundance.

Mojo Wish Beans are all-natural and are sold in packages of different numbers. They may vary in shape, size, and color. They are also known as African Wishing Beans, and are said to have magical properties. The picture is just an example. The actual quantity of the beans will vary. When you use Mojo Wish Beans as a good luck charm, make sure to buy a variety that you can afford to pay for.

Traditional Hoodoo rituals

There are several traditional Hoodoo rituals which incorporate Mojo Beans. Most involve tossing the beans into running water and calling them the desired Deity. The Beans are usually used in odd numbers and one wish is spoken for each one. However, non-Catholic practitioners may also perform these rituals, and they can be incorporated into a wider range of traditional Hoodoo practices.

Another traditional method is the burning of petition paper in a fire. This method was brought into African American hoodoo from Chinese folk magic. In both cases, it is a necessary ritual act. In the former case, it was done in the flame of the candle before it was put out. However, many people now burn their petition paper, which means that their ritual is ineffective. Using Mojo is an effective alternative to burning candles.

Mojo Wish Beans are usually tied in a small red flannel bag. They are then carried for seven days or as long as required. During the ritual, people are encouraged to focus on one wish and try to manifest it. To attract wealth and abundance, wishing beans are often placed under a pillow. In addition to this, they are believed to attract love, money, and prosperity.

Regardless of where you wish to use Mojo Beans, you’ll find a variety of other items that can help you in your Hoodoo practice. A popular selection is Kiwi Mojo Beans, which come in a pack of seven. The large, roasted nzila bean is used for love spells and is widely available in South America. Its beautiful warm colour is an additional advantage for this ritual.

Common names

Mojo Wish Beans are traditional, dried broad beans that people carry to make wishes. The bean is traditionally tied up and carried for seven days, while the person wishing for it focuses on one specific wish. The bean is then thrown into a running water to manifest the wish. Some people carry the bean with them all day, while others simply hang onto it. Whatever you do, the bean is bound to attract good fortune!

African Wishing Beans are another name for Mojo Wish Beans. These beans are believed to be the source of many wishes and are carried for luck. They are also called Cronewort, Old Uncle Henry, Mugwort, and other names. The ancient herb Mugwort is also used for wishing, and is often found in fertility and lust spells. Several African tribes also use them in this way.

Mojo Wish Beans are associated with the Spirit Realm. In some cultures, these beans are offered to the Ancestors or Spirits for good luck. During the holiday of Christmas, people also place them under the tree to make the wishing bean come true. Moreover, Mojo Beans have the power to protect the holder from negativity. They are also traditionally distributed in homes as a symbol of good luck.

Some people carry these lucky beans all the time. They believe that these lucky beans will ensure that they never run out of pocket change or anything else that they need. However, they must be carried in a flannel bag for them to be effective. However, it is important to note that this practice is not practiced by all Hoodoo practitioners. If you would like to make your own wish, you can use the same technique.


The purpose of Mojo Wish Beans varies according to tradition. The ancient African practice involves carrying the mojo bean in a flannel pouch for seven days. Then, on the seventh day, one should throw the bean into running water. It is believed that the bean will attract money, abundance, and prosperity. Many people carry the bean in their pockets or purses. You can also place the mojo bean on an altar dedicated to St. Joseph.

Traditionally, magic beans were used in religious ceremonies, but priests might have imposed an abstinence-only policy on their use. These beans were viewed as a forbidden fruit, so eating them would require self-denial. Today, however, magic beans are popular in Hoodoo rituals and are widely used to grant wishes. People often hold a Mojo Wish Bean for seven days and blow on it for their wish to come true.

Whether you want to enhance your signature menus or custom treatments, Mojo Wish Beans can help you achieve your goals. As an added benefit, using natural ingredients in treatments is better for the environment than harsh chemicals. The beans can be infused with a variety of herbs and spices. You can also combine them with other herbs and roots to further enhance their powers. Moreover, you can even add a small amount of Blessing Oil or Sage to your beans.


If you’re looking for ways to increase your luck, you can use MOJO BEANS. They are magical objects that you place in water and then pray to. Whether you’re hoping to get a new job, increase your pantry supply, or attract love, you can use these small objects to make your wish come true. They come in mojo bags with instructions. These magical objects are blessed during a sacred ceremony and then sold as curios.

The history of Mojo Beans is complex, but in short, they’re lucky in two ways. Traditionally, they’re considered lucky when baked into a King Cake for the Feast of Three Kings, and they’ve been associated with the city of New Orleans for hundreds of years. The French brought the tradition of eating King Cakes to New Orleans, but Sicily, where the Mojo Bean originated, also contributed to the tradition.

African Wishing Beans, also known as Mojo Wish Beans, are widely believed to grant wishes. They’re often carried seven days, preferably in a bag that’s made from flannel. People use them in rituals to manifest their desires. They must also make an odd number of wishes, but no more than a dozen, as this is believed to increase the luck of the user. The use of Mojo Wish Beans can be both powerful and magical, and if done correctly, can help people get what they’ve always wanted.

In Hoodoo, a specific ritual for Mojo Beans is practiced. A practitioner of Hoodoo will instruct a petitioner to make odd numbers of wishes, and keep them in a flannel pouch for seven days. The petitioner then walks to a place where there is running water, calls out the wish they want, throws the bean into the water, and then walks away. The wish will be granted within seven days of the ritual.

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