How to Use Shungite and Soapstone Harmonizers

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Last Updated on September 16, 2022

Shungite and soapstone are yin-yang harmonizers, and they have different energy types. Here’s why. Shungite has a more positive energy than soapstone, while soapstone has a more negative energy. Regardless of their different energy types, both stones can benefit your health. The contrasting energies of shungite and soapstone work together to bring your mind and body into a more stable state.

Yin energy

Yin-harmonizers are made of Shungite and Karelian steatite, and correspond to the Yin side of the physical body. Shungite stimulates the lower energetic body, while steatite supports the upper energetic body. The cylinders are held in the hands and the body posture should be comfortable and relaxed. It is recommended to practice harmonizing for three weeks, so it’s best to plan for breaks.

Both shungite and soapstone harmonizers help you to balance the opposite poles of energy. The two stones have different energies, and when you hold them in your hands, they enhance the Yin energy of the shungite. If you are using one of them as a healing tool, it’s important to cleanse the energy with regular exposure to the sun and run it under water periodically. These actions will cleanse the energy of both stones.

If you’re looking for a bioenergetic harmonizer, Shungite may be a good option. Its healing properties have been traced to ancient Egyptian medicine. Shungite harmonizers balance the energy of the body, realigning chakras and improving the functions of various systems in the body. Studies have shown that regular use of Shungite harmonizers increases both health and productivity.

Soapstone has Yang energy

Shungite and soapstone harmonizes are used in bioenergetic practices as balancing tools. These two stones, which represent opposite energies, are held in the left and right hands. They emit balancing, purifying energy and are excellent for removing negative energies. When held together, they balance negative energy, increase vitality, and bring about a sense of well-being.

Using a shungite or soapstone harmonizer is a very simple way to meditate. They are both made of different types of stones, each representing one energy pole. Shungite, for example, is used to balance the Yin energy of the body while soapstone is used to align the Yang and Yin energies. The shungite stone should be held in the left hand and the soapstone should be held in the right. Both stones must be charged periodically with the sun, or in running water. The sun and water will cleanse the energy of the stones and promote a healthy lifestyle.

Shungite and soapstone harmonizes are very effective for achieving balance in the body, mind, and spirit. They are often called ‘Cylinders’ and are treated as two power poles. The cylinders can strengthen the aura and cleanse the body. Shungite harmonizers are generally held in the left hand and soapstone harmonizers in the right hand. Both of these stones have different effects on the body, so be sure to try both polarities before starting.

Shungite has Yin energy

Shungite has Yin energy, whereas soapstone has Yang energy. Both stones can be used for harmonizing the chakras of the body. They are best held in the right hand for balance and balancing, while the tullikivi has Yang energy. Hold each stone in your hand for a few minutes or ten minutes, depending on your preference. It is important to wash the stones regularly in sunlight or run them under running water. Doing this exercise regularly will clean your energy and help you achieve balance in your body and soul.

When used in bioenergetic practices, harmonizers balance negative energy in the body and can help restore vitality to the body. They are also an excellent meditation tool, with both Shungite and soapstone representing opposite energies. These stones are best held in your left hand, while Soapstone is best held in the right hand. Both stones have different energies, and you should choose the right one based on the energy you are trying to balance.

Using a spherical harmonizer is a powerful way to balance both your Yin and Yang energies. The two spheres represent your Yin and Yang energy and are often referred to as Yin and Yang, respectively. The Yin cylinder corresponds to the Yin energetic body, while the Yang cylinder stimulates the Yang energy. Both stones are made of Karelian steatite, which has an anti-aging effect. In addition to these positive effects, they also come with a cotton storage bag.

It is a Yin-Yang harmonizer

Shungite and soapstone are two bioenergetic harmonizers, or energies of balance, and they can be used together to achieve a deep sense of harmony. The two stones have distinct energy poles, Shungite represents the Yin part of the energetic body and soapstone corresponds to the Yang side. These stones work together to release negative energy and offer protection.

In ancient Egypt, pharaohs were depicted holding cylinders that represented the opposite sides of their energetic body, yin and yang. These harmonizers were used to promote balancing during meditation, and to activate the body’s inner energy. They also improved their spiritual state and well-being. The cylinders also help relieve pain.

The moon cylinder acts as a catalyst for the activity of the solar cylinder. Shungite also protects from electromagnetic frequencies as the molecular carbon structure transforms them into harmless waves. Wearers of this stone report feeling better and fewer electrosensitive feelings after using it. Shungite also detoxifies the body, blocking negative energy. Genuine shungite comes from Karelia, Russia.

Shungite is black in color and is said to be almost pure carbon. It is found in Karelia, Russia, near the village of Shunga. Shungite helps ungrounded people reconnect with the Earth. It also protects against harmful electromagnetic radiation and provides a psychic shield. Its use is widely believed to enhance one’s spirituality.

It is suitable for deep meditation

Shungite and soapstone harmonisers are spiritual supports for healing. Shungite harmonizers have healing properties and can help you achieve deep meditation. They are also a great option if you are looking to reduce your exposure to electromagnetic fields and electronic devices. These harmonizers come in pairs and feature opposite energy poles for better energy balance. Whether you want to meditate in silence or deep concentration, they can help you achieve deep meditation.

These meditation tools come in various shapes and sizes, so you can find one that works for you. Shungite and soapstone harmonizers are a great choice for deep meditation, as they are small enough to fit in your pocket and are effective for short and long meditation sessions. Shungite harmonizers are best for deep meditation, since they can help you achieve deep relaxation and connect with higher planes of existence. The average person should begin using one or both of these harmonizers for five to ten minutes at a time. This will help you develop an appropriate meditation routine.

These harmonizers are great for meditation, as both the Shungite and soapstone represent the feminine and masculine energies, respectively. It is also recommended that you hold the shungite rod in your left hand. This harmonizer will balance your upper and lower chakras, while the soapstone harmonizer will help you connect with your Yang energy.

It can recharge your energetic potential

Both Shungite and soapstone are excellent healing stones that will restore your body’s cellular energy and boost your health. Shungite is the most popular mineral in North America and is used to neutralize the effects of radiation and high electro magnetic fields. Its healing qualities also make it a wonderful stone to use as the central stone in a crystal grid. In addition to healing properties, Shungite is said to boost the immune system and strengthen the nervous system.

When using a shungite and soapstone harmonizer, you should hold it in your left hand while holding the tulikivi in your right. The stones should be kept outside for a few hours before you use them. It is important to keep your legs straight to avoid any strain. Besides, a seated position allows you to focus and use the harmonizer effectively.

Shungite and soapstone harmonization is an excellent method for boosting the immune system. These stones create a special energetic field around them and should be placed near electronics, appliances, and conference rooms. The shungite pyramids can be used during meditation as well to calm the mind. They are also a great decoration for your home. They also protect against negative energies and electromagnetic fields (EMFs).

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