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If you are new to ORMUS, you might wonder what its components are. Here, we will explore the different elements that make up ORMUS, as well as how to safely store it in an aluminium foil. This article also looks at the different applications of ORMUS. You can also learn about the minerals in ORMUS and how to store it safely. Read on for more information. Afterward, you’ll be able to use it to improve your health and reduce your risk of contracting a disease or an allergy.

Elements of ORMUS

The monatomic elements in high spin state, also known as ORMUS, are thought to be superconductive and fluid, and may benefit all living cells in the body by improving energy flow. Barry Carter explains that ORMUS minerals are similar to new batteries that can store energy. They also possess inherent high-spin atoms, which promote increased inter-cellular communication. Several methods have been developed to extract ORMUS, including a process adapted from ancient alchemical texts.

These elements are extracted from rock powder. The m-state elements are found in approximately the following proportions. David Hudson has given lectures on the subject of ORMUS. The details of the lectures can be found on Barry Carter’s website. These lectures are available online, so anyone can learn how to conduct an Ormus experiment and apply them to their own body. Here’s how to create an Ormus spectrometer:

If Ormus is a new state of matter, then what are its benefits? According to some theories, it is a state of matter that is intrinsic to all life. Ormus minerals are thought to be associated with consciousness and life-force energy. While they were formerly mistaken for other minerals, they have now been found to be essential to life. Some of them have even been named the Philosophers Stone or Fountain of Youth. Biblical manna may contain Ormus minerals.

The Ormus works to raise the frequency of the user’s mind and spirit, and is often thought to activate the kundalini. Similarly, the monoatomic structure of the Ormus penetrates every cell of the body, raising the frequency and tensile strength of the cellular body. It is thought to facilitate unintentional telepathy, instant manifestation, and lucid dreams. These effects are common, and many people claim to have experienced them.

In addition to enhancing energy, ormus gold is known to help individuals reach heightened states of awareness and consciousness. In this state, individuals are able to heal themselves spontaneously. Ormus gold is a powerful relaxing agent that should be taken early in the morning on an empty stomach, about 15 minutes before meditation or focusing. Interestingly, this element was discovered by David Hudson, a wealthy businessman in Arizona. He discovered it while analyzing one of his farms.

Methods of converting ORMUS elements to their ORMUS state

Ormus is an element that does not appear on the periodic table. It is a small, chemically inert gas. The element is thought to be trapped in water structures, and in the majority of crystal structures as well. Its chemical and magnetic properties also make it invisible to ordinary detection methods. For this reason, it is difficult to create an ormus-containing substance. However, there are several methods that can help scientists synthesize ORMUS.

Ormus minerals are essential to all life. They are most likely associated with life-force energy and consciousness. In modern science, Ormus minerals have been misidentified as other minerals, but their presence is now known to be essential for human life. In addition to being essential for human health, Ormus is known as the “Fountain of Youth”, the “philosopher’s stone” and the biblical manna.

One method that works for making ORMUS elements is chemical parting. Hudson has a patent in Australia on chemical parting. This Australian patent contains great details on how to create ormes. But these methods are essentially useless because the chemical behavior of gold is already well known. Moreover, they can be used by quacks and scam artists, who use them for their own benefit.

Hudson and his team first discovered this new state of matter in 1932. But the science is slow to acknowledge new discoveries. As of today, only a few modern-day scientists are aware of it. This state of matter, known as the m-state, has been confirmed by independent research. The m-state is characterized by quantum physical properties such as Josephson tunneling, magnetic levitation, and magnetic levitation. Further, these elements are not susceptible to spectroscopy.

Applications of ORMUS minerals

The benefits of Ormus are numerous, but they have been observed most prominently in agriculture practices. Farmers started using liquids containing high levels of ORMUS minerals in soils to fertilize crops. Later, Ormus Alchemists began to explore the uses of ORMUS in agriculture and the benefits it offers to all forms of life. Agricultural Ormus minerals provide support and enhancement to the mycorrhizal relationship between plants and bacteria.

This group of essential minerals contains rare and trace amounts of platinum, gold, silver, and platinum. It is an excellent source for soil, restoring soils that have been depleted by modern agricultural methods and environmental degradation. ORMUS is fully bio-absorbable by microbes. It also contains trace amounts of precious metal minerals, which are essential for life. They are necessary for healthy cell growth, and the human body relies on a wide range of minerals to support its functions.

Applied to soil, ORMUS helps to condition moisture. During this time, it also supplies a broad spectrum of minerals that stimulate the growth of plant life. Using ORMUS minerals in agriculture is not only a cost-effective way to boost the yield and productivity of your crops, it is also environmentally friendly. There are two types of Ormus applications, and both should be used as directed. The first type is drenching, which requires one litre of the mineral solution per square metre of soil.

The next step is to discover what applications of ORMUS minerals can have in the medical field. Although its origins remain unknown, they have been found in volcanic soils, hot springs, and a vast array of other natural sources. Hudson’s discovery has been the subject of numerous patents and research projects. If he and others can discover any concrete information about the mineral, they can expect instant fame. In the meantime, there is much more to learn about Ormus.

Ormus minerals are believed to connect humans to the Blessed Field, which was referred to in ancient times as the “High Spin” state of matter. By doing so, ORMUS minerals have a greater vibrancy and more effective communication with the quantum field of energy. By increasing the vibrancy of the Ormus element in the body, it empowers people to become more compassionate, present, and aware of their surroundings. This, in turn, strengthens the immune system and helps to cleanse the body. Despite the numerous benefits of ORMUS, there are no known side effects to these minerals. More research is needed to determine their full potential.

Safe storage of ORMUS in aluminium foil

It’s crucial to protect your ORMUS from electromagnetic fields and light while storing it. You should never store it in a refrigerator, so make sure that it is kept in a dark, quiet cupboard or closet. Avoid using fluorescent or ultraviolet lights when storing it. This article will cover the best way to store ORMUS safely. We hope you find it helpful! Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Ensure that the metal is sealed in an airtight container, and keep it out of direct sunlight. The m-elements in ORMUS are vulnerable to EMF waves. Many household appliances, such as microwaves and Wi-Fi devices, emit these waves. While most people are unaware of the dangers of electromagnetic fields, they can cause ORMUS damage and malfunction. You should always store your ORMUS away from Wi-Fi devices and other electronic appliances.

ORMUS contains minerals that mimic calcium, so it can prevent osteoporosis and even correct oral dental problems. In addition, many users report immediate healing from injuries and increased strength, endurance, and stamina. Moreover, it promotes a balanced mind and body by balancing pH levels and enhancing mental acuity. Additionally, it carries anti-aging properties and is a great way to prevent diseases.

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