Vector Mayhem Torch – How to Use

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Last Updated on September 16, 2022

The Vector mayhem torch is a versatile, adjustable fire that fits right on top of your Vector butane can. You can adjust the flame to your preference and it burns at 2600 degF. The torch also has an included clip and fold out punch cutter. Follow these instructions to start using your Vector Mayhem right away. It’s a versatile travel companion. Read on to discover all of the benefits of the Vector Mayhem.

Vector mayhem torch is versatile and adaptable

The Vector mayhem torch is a portable butane burner that fits directly onto a Vector butane can. This torch is adjustable and can burn up to 2600degF, and it eliminates the need to carry a separate torch or can of butane. It also comes with a small and a large complementary butane can. Whether you’re camping, backpacking, or simply need a lightweight butane torch, the Vector Mayhem torch is the perfect travel companion.

It has a fold out punch cutter

The Davidoff Duocut is a brand new fold out punch cutter for 2016. This tool is designed to cut smaller and larger cigars with ease. Its patented cylinder design allows you to cut 50 ring smokes while standing or lying down. This product is ideal for cigar smokers who enjoy cutting multiple cigars at one time. Its sturdy construction is durable enough to withstand constant use. It is ideal for reducing the risk of injury due to cutting tobacco.

It has a bullet-shaped blade and is often the easiest to use. This punch cutter fits nicely into the cap of a cigar and can easily be pulled out without damaging it. When cutting a cigar, the bullet cutter is easier to use, as it is a round blade. Just line the blade with the cigar’s back, apply firm pressure to rotate the blade, and it cuts the cigar nicely. It is an excellent choice for people who are not familiar with the different types of cigar cutters.

Cigars require different-sized holes. A three-in-one punch cutter can be used for this purpose. This model features a small, medium, and large hole. Its sturdy metal construction allows you to use it for many different purposes. It also comes with a key ring attachment. This punch can be easily stored in a pocket or other small place. One of the best features of this punch cutter is its convenience.

Another great option is the Credo “3-in-1” Cigar Punch Cutter. This keychain accessory has three sizes ranging from 34 to 48 ring gauge. Made of aluminum, it is easy to use and cuts the tobacco cleanly. Poor-quality punch cutters may leave tobacco around the cut, leaving the tobacco to cling to the cutter and the handle. Its red band makes it an ideal keychain accessory.

It has a long flame

The Vector Icon II is a triple flame torch lighter with four jets arranged in a triangular configuration to create a thick column of flame. Users simply flip the lid to start the butane flow and then engage the touch-sensitive ignition panel for quick sparks. This torch is lightweight, compact, and runs on butane, which is the preferred fuel for camping and other outdoor activities.

The Vector Mayhem fits on any standard-sized Vector butane can and turns it into an efficient torch with a long flame and adjustable heat. This torch has a high temperature of up to 2600 deg F, making it the perfect travel companion. Besides being easy to pack and use, the Vector Icon II is also incredibly durable and comes with a lifetime warranty. It also requires no proof of purchase and is reconditioned by a company technician in the USA.

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