What Did the Sardine Say When He Saw a Submarine?

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Last Updated on September 16, 2022

What did the sardine say when he saw a submarine? Did he bang his head on the wall or call it a submarine? The fish was not drunk, but its dorsal stripe is a brilliant electric blue. Read on to learn more about the sardine and its stupidity. If you’ve ever wondered what a sardine might have thought of a submarine, you’re not alone.

Typical sardine fishery pattern

The sardine fishery in southern California was dominated by Japanese-American fishermen during the 1920s and 1930s. Many of them were sent to concentration camps during World War 11. Chinese and Mexicans were prominent in the fish processing plants. Some of these workers were related to the fishermen. Typically, sardine fishing was done at night, with a significant number of vessels involved.

The prices of the vessels kept fixed costs low, and new owners could learn about other catches and products. Their operating costs were covered by sales to countries like Peru, Chile, and South Africa. The vessels were also equipped with equipment for reducing sardines. The sardine-processing equipment was sold to overseas markets. Eventually, many of the fishermen were making a living.

The collapse of the sardine fishery affected not just California, but foreign countries as well. The loss of the fishery had ramifications for the west coast fishing industry and affected not only the country itself, but also many countries in Africa and Central America. Whether overfishing, climate change, or other factors played a major role in the collapse of the sardine fishery, the story will continue to unfold.

sardine’s electric blue dorsal stripe

You’d be surprised to learn that half of the world’s sardine stock is in cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean. As the cold waters upwell, the sardines begin their migration. Their eggs drift north and hatch in the area near Cape Columbine. The second population of sardines is found off the southern part of the Aghulhas Banks. As the sardines swim by, the Sharks Board monitors their progress and lifts the shark nets as they approach.

sardine’s stupidity

One day, a sardine was cruising around the ocean when the submarine he was on called. “Sardine, a submarine!” said the sardine. As the submarine swam past, it was a good idea to hide the key outside the tin. Unlike many other fish, sardines don’t like to look at the sun.

sardine’s reaction to a submarine

In this witty short story, a sardine’s reaction to scuba diving is reminiscent of a sardine’s first encounter with a submarine. In a story that begins and ends with the sardine attempting to get near a Japanese submarine, the whale harasses the soldiers as he tries to get closer. The story shifts between the perspectives of the whale and the soldiers, and manages to maintain a cool and collected demeanor even as things heat up. When the Americans enter the equation, the Japanese soldiers panic.

The sardine’s reaction to scuba diving has to do with its ability to detect sudden pressure changes. As a result, many predators exploit this trait to concentrate fish. Cape gannets and dolphins have been known to blow bubbles toward the sardine ball to attract it. When the oxygen level in their body decreases, the sardine fish become lethargic and easy prey for these predators.

In South Africa, the Common dolphin is the primary predator of sardines. It also serves as a primary food source for the Common dolphin during the annual Sardine Run. Common dolphins herd sardines into tight bait balls that are then easily fed upon by predators. During the Sardine Run, a sardine’s reaction to a submarine is a fascinating case study in the history of the sardine.

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