What Does It Mean When a Girl Feeds You Food?

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Last Updated on September 16, 2022

Ever wonder what does it mean when a girl feed you food? When you see her hand in yours while eating, she wants to talk to you and get to know you better. She wants to talk about her day, her thoughts on things, and even run her hands through your hair. These are all great signs of interest. Here’s how to tell if your girl is serious about you.

Whenever a girl feeds you food, she wants to talk to you

If you’re a guy, you may notice that women appreciate your attention. Perhaps you’ve noticed her soft hair and noticed her hands running through her hair. Or maybe she’s always lingering on your scalp. Either way, she’s trying to communicate with you. You can start a conversation by asking her why she likes your hair so much. It doesn’t have to be a food or drink conversation; it just needs to be one.

She wants to run her hands through your hair

When a girl feeds you food, and you take a spoon and begin to chew, she will be delighted to run her hands through your hair. In addition, she may take care to straighten your tie and brush out fluff from your clothes. All of these acts are signs of affection. And, if you can get past the awkwardness, you’ll find that she wants to run her hands through your hair.

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