When A Woman Says Fine Memes

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Last Updated on September 16, 2022

Kim Kardashian and Laina Morris are two women who have caught the Internet’s attention with their When A Woman Says Fine Memes. While these women are queens of the world, they’re also the queens of drama at times. It’s time you get your own meme, and we have compiled a list of some of our favorites. Read on to see which women inspired the most hilarious and heart-warming messages!

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian has graced the covers of high-brow fashion magazines like Vogue and W. Most recently, she was photographed topless in a Givenchy dress and memed to hell. But it doesn’t stop there. She’s now a mother and an activist, and she’s probably planning her post-divorce life. Regardless of her future plans, she has proven her worth as an Internet sensation.

She’s also building a serious political brand with her activism on prison reform. As part of her current campaign, she’s taking law courses in hopes of passing the bar exam in 2022. She has also been involved in a campaign to free Alice Marie Johnson, a woman who spent 21 years in prison for nonviolent drug offenses. President Donald Trump commuting her sentence is an example of her passion for social justice.

Despite the backlash against her newfound fame, Kim Kardashian has responded to the controversy with her latest campaign, “KKW Beauty.” She’s also working on creating new cosmetics products called KKW Skims. Meanwhile, she’s pursuing a law degree and hopes to open a firm that hires formerly incarcerated individuals. So far, the campaign is working. And, of course, it’s working.

Laina Morris

In 2012, Laina Morris shot to fame as the “overly attached girlfriend.” However, she wasn’t the one behind the joke; she was just one of many people in a comedy video made by Justin Bieber. The actress’s look is from the Justin Bieber comedy video “Say it with eyes!” Despite the popularity of the video, Morris didn’t get through her “good sport” phase before she was named a meme. After her recent YouTube appearance, Laina announced that she would be leaving the platform.

The video quickly went viral. In just 24 hours, the video has racked up over one million views. The video is one of the most popular YouTube videos to date. The creator of the video has been criticized and praised for her success. The meme has also sparked a charitable cause, as Morris has started her own Dare to Share YouTube series. She asks her audience to support charities by making funny videos.

Kim Kardashian’s Overly Attached Girlfriend meme

The first version of Kim Kardashian’s Overly Attached girlfriend meme was published on YouTube in 2021. The idea came from a video posted by Laina Morris. Later, the song was released by Justin Bieber and became a viral sensation. As the video became more popular, Kim Kardashian began sharing it on social media. In 2019, the couple was expecting their fourth child, a boy.

Jonathan Kubben Quinonez

This popular “When a Woman Says Fine” meme has gained a huge following on the internet. Originally from Brussels, Jonathan Kubben Quinonez left his job in 2016 and travelled the world. In order to make his mother happy, he would carry a huge sign that said, “Mom I’m fine” and take pictures with it at weird locations.

The photographer is also a photographer and traveller, so he posts photos of himself holding a sign in different destinations. In less than two months, his Instagram account has grown to more than 38,000 followers. He has visited idyllic destinations in Latin America, from skydiving in Playa del Carmen to posing next to an alligator in Crococun. He has also been scuba diving near a shipwreck and dancing in Havana.

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