When Did Lillie Knauls Die?

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You might be asking: When did Lillie Knauls die? Born in Arkansas, she later moved to Seattle with her family. She went to work at the phone company and then discovered her true calling in music ministry. Over the years, she has traveled the world, performing gospel songs and evangelism. She was a member of the Edwin Hawkins Singers and even went on to perform on the Gaither stage.

Gospel singer

Lillie Knauls was an Arkansas native who became a gospel singer in the 1970s. She had recorded many gospel favorites and her own songs. She was working for the Telephone Company in San Jose when she recorded the gospel song “O, Happy Day.” The song was a Number One hit and became the first Gospel song to break into the secular Billboard charts. It sold more than one million copies. She sang across the world and was honored by the Gospel Hall of Fame.

Knauls was only 13 when her father died. She then moved with her family to Seattle, where she attended middle and high school. She worked for Pacific Telephone and began singing gospel music on TV. She had almost married a handsome young man, but called the wedding and moved to San Jose. She had a dream of touring the world, so her funeral was held in San Jose, California.

In addition to performing in church and conference settings, Knauls’ legacy lives on in the music of others. Her music was incredibly powerful, and many of her songs were inspirational and uplifting. Her message of faith and love never changed. She sang about Jesus Christ and his love for all humankind, and touched the hearts of many people around the world. Lillie Knauls was a gospel singer when she died, and her legacy lives on.

Member of the Edwin Hawkins Singers

The Edwin Hawkins Singers was a group of women who sang gospel songs during the 1960s. Originally from Arkansas, Lillie Knauls moved to Seattle, Washington when she was thirteen. After graduating from high school, she went to work at Pacific Telephone. In 1962, she married a man from San Jose and decided to move to the city to be near family. The couple later separated, and Knauls joined the Edwin Hawkins Singers. The group sang across the country and Europe, and Lillie Knauls accepted the Gospel Hall of Fame award.

As a member of the Edwin Hawkin’s Singers, Lillie Knauls has recorded a number of gospel songs and hymns. Her signature song, “Oh Happy Day,” became a world number one hit in 1969, and she chose Matthew 6:26 as her life verse. Another favorite song is “His Eye is on the Sparrow.”

Despite being a pioneer in the gospel music world, Lillie has remained dedicated to the cause of Christ. As a member of the Edwin Hawkins Singers, she has performed in every country except for those under communist rule. In addition, she has performed in front of over 200,000 people in Rio de Janeiro and 500,000 in Ghana. Lillie Knauls’ messages remain Christ-centered and she continues to bless audiences around the world.

Number one on the gospel charts

The gospel charts are the most important and most lucrative chart for black singers. Lillie Knauls, a woman who died in her forties, dominated the charts until her death. Among the most influential black singers of all time were Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, Jackie Robinson, and Lansston Hughes. Other notable figures include Louie ARMSTRONG, a self-made millionaire, Mae C. Jemison, and the inventor and media mogul, Oprah Winfrey.


A biography of Lillie Knauls is not complete without learning about her love of music, her alabaster smile, and her penchant for hats. She has been a part of the Edwin Hawkins Singers and the Gaither Homecoming Friends, and is a member of the Gospel Music Hall of Fame. Lillie has recorded several gospel favorites as well as her own songs.

Lillie Knauls was born in Arkansas and her family moved to Seattle when she was thirteen years old. She began a career working for the telephone company in Seattle, Washington, but soon began to study music. While working at a telephone company, she also joined the Edwin Hawkins Singers and began touring the United States. After receiving an award from the Gospel Hall of Fame, she continued her singing career.

Lillie Knauls’ music has impacted many people throughout the world. She has performed in large and small churches, prisons, and rest homes. She has appeared on several major Christian television shows and is a frequent speaker at Single’s Rallies. Her message is to encourage singles to be active in their communities and find a husband. There are a number of ways to celebrate your singlehood.

Making her debut in Stockton

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The question that lingers in people’s minds is “When did Lillie Knauls die?” The famous writer passed away on February 16, 1999. Her family moved to Seattle, Washington, where Lillie attended middle school and high school. She went on to work for Pacific Telephone. She was 94 years old. She looked forward to the next Garfield High School class reunion.

She became a world-renowned star in 1993. Her signature song was “O Happy Day,” which reached the world’s top spot on the Billboard chart in 1969. Moreover, she chose Matthew 6:26 as her life verse. She also chose “His Eye is on the Sparrow” as another favorite song. Her death is a sad moment for all of us who love her music.

Born in Arkansas, Lillie Knauls moved to Seattle as a teenager. She was raised by a single mother and six sisters, and her family was poor. Her parents divorced, but Lillie continued to work at Pacific Telephone. Her singing career was launched. During this time, Lillie joined the Edwin Hawkins Singers. She performed in the United States and Europe. Her last major concert was at the Gaither stage, where she accepted her Gospel Hall of Fame award.

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