When Did Miss Kitty Get The Mole On Her Cheek?

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The question is: “When did Miss Kitty get the mole on her cheek?” And what did this real-life mole look like? Amanda Blake played Miss Kitty on the show for 19 years. And if Miss Kitty had a real mole, why did Matt Dillon never marry her? Here are some answers to these burning questions. This article was written with a light heart and a love for Kitty.

Amanda Blake played Miss Kitty for 19 years

Amanda Blake made her screen debut in 1950 in the MGM film Stars in My Crown. She then appeared in a handful of movies in Hollywood, including the 1952 western Cattle Town and the 1955 adaptation of the Robinson Crusoe adventure. Eventually, she became known for her role as Miss Kitty. She also starred in a movie called Miss Robin Crusoe. After leaving the role of Miss Kitty, Blake devoted her life to animal welfare. In addition to the Gunsmoke series, she appeared in a number of films, including the film version of a Robinson Crusoe story.

After Gunsmoke ended in 1975, Amanda Blake went on to star in a western film, Cattle Town. She also starred in a female adaptation of Robinson Crusoe called Miss Robin Crusoe. In addition to Gunsmoke, Blake appeared as Miss Kitty in the 1985 sequel Gunsmoke: Return to Dodge. Although the sequel was a disappointment for Blake, she is still known for her contributions to animal protection.

Miss Kitty had a real mole on her cheek

Despite its unattractiveness, a mole on the cheek of a cat can have a symbolic meaning for the owner. The mole on Miss Kitty’s right cheek is symbolic of sensitivity and respect. Her left cheek is symbolic of introversion, while its center represents arrogance. Miss Kitty was a former Soiled Dove who turned entrepreneur.

While acting as Miss Kitty Russell on Gunsmoke, Amanda Blake had a life outside of the show. She supported the American Cancer Society and toured the country fundraising for the organization. She also had a mole on her cheek, which ranged from pink to black. Amanda Blake also fought cancer in real life. The actress was born on January 25, 1924. She died in 1997.

A birthmark on Miss Kitty’s cheek was not seen in the episode that aired in 1958. However, by the time of the show’s Season 3 premiere, Kitty already had it on her cheek. She was portrayed as a strong-willed character, and she was able to resist her kidnappers by throwing coffee into their faces and refusing to take their guns. The kidnappers shot one of them, and Kitty fainted.

Matt Dillon and Kitty never married

In the third episode of “Gunsmoke,” Matt Dillon discovers that his love interest was not the man he thought he was. He learns this while talking to the female prisoner Beth Tipton. She tries to get Kitty to tell Sinclair the truth so that Sinclair can take her away with him after the train looting. Kitty plays dumb when asked about the deceased Mr. Walters, but Beth sees through Kitty’s subterfuge and reveals that she knew who Matt was before.

Although the characters on the show did not get married, the couple had an on-screen relationship during the show’s run. Fans of the series waited eagerly to see if Matt Dillon would marry Miss Kitty, a character played by Amanda Blake. However, while the show teased a relationship between the two characters, the actors never fully committed to it. In the end, the producers chose to keep the relationship a mystery.

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