When Does Miran Find Out That Hazar is His Dad?

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The question is, when does Miran find out that Hazar is his dad? Whether Reyyan will be happy when he realizes that Hazar is his dad or will he be afraid? In the series, the answer to this question will be found in the next few episodes. Read on to find out more about the characters, setting, and more. Also, learn about Reyyan’s relationship with Miran.

Animated episode

When Miran first meets Aslan, the two are on the same side of the street. Aslan is on the verge of breaking into his house when he sees Reyan begging for his release. When Miran refuses, Aslan lashes out with a gun, accusing him of leaving his tracks behind. Aslan then pulls out a Midyat issued pistol from his waistband, which he hurls at Miran.

Miran has a suspicion that Hazar may have gotten his wife to flee the country by stealing her child. Hazar is furious, blaming Azize for not fighting for Miran and believes that the father is behind everything. When Miran discovers that Hazar is his father, he accepts him as his father and goes to meet his biological father.

Miran is concerned for Reyyan, but is determined to keep him safe. Reyyan is scared that Miran will kill him for his revenge. Fortunately, Hazar has a few friends who can help. The two brothers must find a safe place to hide. They must escape the town’s deadly spies before they find Reyyan and Miran.

when does miran find out hazar is his dad|

After meeting the doctor and interacting with Mahfuz, Hazar drives back to Sadoglu Konak. Hazar tells him about Azize’s claim that Dilsah is still alive, and he thinks of the night Dilsah tried to warn him about his son’s past. Hazar also remembers the phone call Azize made from an abandoned village, when he intended to give Hazar Miran’s dead body.


Throughout the story, Miran, the oldest child, tries to make up for the loss of his mother by learning the truth about Hazar, his biological father. After learning the truth, he tries to make up for the loss by trying to help his parents rebuild their relationship. To help him do so, he plays a tape from his mother’s room in which she wishes for a son and wishes to name him Miran. Miran then accepts Hazar as his father after seeing his forgiveness towards Reyyan and the forgiveness she has for Hazar.

While in the army, Hazar falls in love with Dilshah, a young village girl. He vows to marry her when he returns from military service. However, Azize’s son begins to pursue her relentlessly. The family has been keeping tabs on Hazar for years, and Azize sees Mehmet’s obsession with Dilshah as a way to exact revenge. Eventually, Mehmet convinces Dilshah to marry him, and the two fall in love. However, Azize’s son is killed in the process, and she remarries Miran. Azize then discovers that Reyyan is pregnant, and Hazar believes she lied.

While in the hospital, Reyyan and Azize are separated. Miran and Azize argue about the situation, but both men realize their parents are the same person. Reyyan tries to stop them from seeing each other, but Miran’s love for her prevents them from being together. Aslan is not happy with this situation, and he tells Reyyan to keep her safe.


After being raised by his grandmother, Hazar is a calm, selfless father. He shows love and affection to his daughters. When Reyyan dies, Hazar becomes distant from his family. Hazar has little patience and can turn his quiet side on you, but this never holds him back. If anyone hurts Reyyan, he will stand up to them and do the right thing. Hazar also protects Reyyan and will confront anyone who hurts him.

Hazar learns that Gul is missing. He heads off to find him. Reyyan is afraid, but reassures Reyyan by telling her that she did it to protect Miran. When Miran discovers that Hazar is his dad, he tries to sneak away with Reyyan to hide from Azize. He picks up a scared Gul and takes him to the hospital.

After Miran discovers that Hazar is his father, he tries to build a relationship with him. He plays a tape from his mother’s room, where she wishes to have a boy and names him Miran. After seeing the forgiveness that Reyyan shows to him, he finally accepts Hazar as his father. But he is hesitant about his feelings for Reyyan.

After learning that Hazar is Miran’s father, he grooms him to get revenge. After the death of Mehmet and Dilshah, Azize has built up a huge fortune in Mardin and is constantly monitoring him. He has his grandchildren brainwashed by telling them that Hazar is their father, and he watches them from a distance. Azize then finds out that Hazar had married Zehra, a woman whose father had abandoned her.

Reyyan’s relationship with Miran

The first season of “Miran” showed Reyyan stalking Miran and sneaking into her house. Now, he’s back to being a romantic partner, but Miran doesn’t want to be bothered by Reyyan’s constant declarations of love. Hazar’s presence also makes him suspicious of Reyyan’s intentions. Fortunately, Reyyan’s family treats him decently, but he still doesn’t know how to share his pain.

Reyyan’s family’s situation is complicated by Hazar’s suspicions, which are compounded by Zehra’s attempts to persuade Elif to leave. Elif tries to convince her husband, but he won’t listen. She tries to convince Azat and Zehra of the importance of truth and seeks refuge in a letter that he’d lost. When Miran returns home, he tells his family about Hazar accusing him of pushing Elif. He cries and shouts for the person who pushed Hazar, but they can’t see him.

Reyyan and Miran’s relationship begins to unravel when he learns that Hazar is not his biological father. Reyyan and Hazar attempt to reconcile with Miran, but the relationship is complicated by their differences. Hazar’s anger at the revelation of his father makes Miran want to flee, but she is not ready to let him do so. Luckily, Miran is not the only one who feels this way, and the two of them end up spending a night outside the house.

Hazar’s relationship with Reyyan

After Reyyan’s death, Hazar is feeling guilty, and his conscience is torturing him. He regrets lying to Reyyan and listening to her. The two fall in love and have a son. But the tragedy of Reyyan’s death forces Hazar to take drastic action to save his daughter, and to find the truth about his own guilt. The outcome is that both Reyyan and Hazar will pay for their sins.

Reyyan is young and loving, and she loves her adopted daughter Miran. The Aslanbeys, who are her biological family, cannot force Reyyan to marry them. So Reyyan’s relationship with her adoptive grandfather, Hazar, forces her to endure hardship. As a result, Reyyan must learn to forgive her biological father, even though he abandoned her.

Reyyan, the daughter of the prominent Sadoglu family, is young and innocent. She lives with her grandfather in the vast Sadoglu mansion. She is constantly abused by her grandfather and her cousin Yaren. She doesn’t know that she is not her biological mother. She is also abused by her grandfather, who refuses to accept her. But the situation changes when Miran’s father asks him to help Reyyan return to his family.

Reyyan’s family members have been ruined by Hazar’s vengeance. The family, including the king, has been living in poverty for several years. Reyyan is the sole survivor of his family. Despite their hardships, Hazar still loves her. And she is willing to sacrifice herself to help him fulfill his mission. Despite this setback, Reyyan never realizes that she’s falling in love with Miran.

Assassination of Hazar

In Assassination of Hazar, Miran’s life changes forever when he learns that his father is not his real father. After his father’s confused death, Miran vows to clear his father’s name and avenge his father’s death. Although everyone believes Hazar killed his brother, Uncle Cihan has sworn to never harm Miran’s son.

Miran’s mother is alive, and Azize intimidates the shepherd by telling him not to tell anyone about Hazar and Dilshah. Azize makes Miran believe that his mother was raped, so he runs off to a hut to digest his new information. He and his mother are reunited, and Azize begins to question the truth about their relationship.

After Reyyan is born, Hazar tries to build a relationship with Miran, but it is not enough to make him accept his father. When Miran plays a tape from his mother’s room, he learns that she wanted a boy and planned to name him Miran. Miran finally accepts Hazar as his father after learning that Reyyan forgives him and shows forgiveness.

Reyyan wants to prove his innocence to Miran and he believes that if Miran knows his father is his father, he’ll understand. To prove his innocence, he convinces the family to visit Melike’s village to see who their biological parents are. However, the boyar tries to prevent Reyyan and Miran from finding the truth.

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