When Does the New Agent Come Out in Valorant?

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Last Updated on September 16, 2022

Riot Games has teased a new agent in their upcoming action-RPG Valorant. During the Act Three update, the developer teased a new class and agent abilities, as well as the release date for the new character. In the meantime, the developer has delayed some of the new content from Act Three, including the Icebox map. The new character will be available to players two weeks after Act Three concludes.

Episode 4

In Valorant, the new Agent ‘Fade’ is set to make his debut in Act Three. The game will also introduce a new battle pass and two new weapon skins, RGX 11z Pro and Pearlescent. Fade is a Turkish initiate who can use his utility kit to gather information on enemy squads and disarm bombsites filled with enemies. He can also use his ultimate attack, which is a wave of energy that can pierce walls and leave a trail to opponents.

Several Valorant players are eagerly awaiting the next Act. Act 2 went live on March 2 and will conclude on April 27. Episode 5 is expected to begin on the same day as Act 3, although Riot Games may decide to delay it. In the meantime, the game will remain free to play. If you want to know when the new Agent comes out, keep an eye out for our guide below.

Valorant Episode 4 Act 3 is expected to launch on the 26th of April. It will be released in different regions. The server will not be down for maintenance. A new potential agent, Victoria Vector, has been spotted in the Can’t Slow Me by Jett Hype music video. While there is very little information on this new agent, it has been confirmed that her codename is ‘Victoria Vector.’

Act 1 of VALORANT is set to begin on April 27, 2022. It will conclude on the same date as Act 2 of the game. It will also end the current Battle Pass, which will expire on April 28. As for the new Agent, we don’t know how much longer the new Act will last. In the meantime, we can wait for the next Act to see if the developers continue to add new cosmetic items.

Act 3

The next episode of Valorant is set to launch on Wednesday, April 27th. Act 3 follows the ending of Act 2, which has focused on bug fixes and quality of life improvements. However, the developers of Valorant have hinted that the new Agent is on the way. The new agent is known as the Chamber and is a new type of Agent in the game. Here are a few things to keep an eye out for in Act 3:

The third episode of VALORANT will introduce a new Agent. Unlike Act 2, which introduced a new map, the new Agent will be coming out in Act 3. VALORANT will continue to introduce new Agents and maps in future episodes, but the new agent is expected to arrive two weeks after the end of Act 3.

The new agent will also come with a skin based on the “Singularity” theme, representing a far-future society that harnesses the power of the universe. In addition to this, the new skin will feature Skye, an Australian eco-warrior who creates powerful creatures using jade trinkets. Those powers can help the squad heal and create a hawk or foxlike creature.

The next episode of Valorant will include a new Agent and map, making it the game’s last major release before Episode 5. The new map and agent will be released on April 26, 2022, which will be the same date as the end of Act 2. Hopefully, the game will follow the trend of previous Act launches and bring out a new battle pass for the player base. You will be able to choose between several skins that are based on the new Agent and map.


When does the new agent come out in Valorant? The new Agent has been codenamed Deadeye and was teased in the One Year Anthem in the game. The character resembled Midas from Fortnite with a scar in one eye, a feature unique to him. Unlike Sova, however, he will be able to use a Russian Initiator rifle. This information is still subject to change.

Valorant took a break from releasing new agents in Episode 3 in order to focus on the balance of the game. Instead of three agents, the team focused on balancing the game. Fade is the new Agent, and brings a new aspect of tactical play to the game. VALORANT will introduce Fade in Episode 4 Act 3.

While the next Agent is currently unknown, the release date of Episode 3 Act 2 is still confirmed as September 9 – although there is no word on whether the next one will come out before that. However, Anna Donlon has confirmed that there will be lots of changes to the game in Act 3 (after Act three), including new Agents and maps. These updates will help to promote positive player behavior and improve the ranked experience for players.

As of January, there are no official announcements for the next agent. The game has been experiencing some issues, though, including nerfs. While Valorant Episode 3 Act 3 introduced several new weapon skins, including the Radiant Crisis 001 Skins Bundle, which is based on comic books. Additionally, the game also introduced several buffs and nerfs that affected the game’s overall balance.


When does the new agent come out in Valorant? We’ve been waiting for this new character ever since Chamber’s release! However, rumors have it that this new agent will be the equal of Jett, who is considered the best agent in the game. So, how can we find out when it will be released? Well, we’ll have to wait a bit to find out.

While there aren’t many details about the upcoming VALORANT Agent, we do know that the game will introduce a new hacking ability. If it turns out to be something like the ability Skye’s wolf has, then it will definitely change the meta. While we still don’t know exactly what the new agent will do, we can probably expect it to have an ability like hero-killing or a sabotage ability.

VALORANT hasn’t yet revealed a new agent, but the developer has confirmed that the next Agent will be codenamed Bounty Hunter. In its March 2022 blog post, Riot Games didn’t reveal anything official about the next Agent, but gave us some vague clues. The next VALORANT agent will be released in Act 3, or Episode 4 of the game.

A lot of the rumors about the new VALORANT Agent’s release date are based on speculations. Riot Games hasn’t announced details of the upcoming Episode 4, Act 3 update, so we’ll have to wait until they reveal them. Meanwhile, some content creators have been given access to early access. But we can’t wait for that, as it will probably be May 11 2022 before we get to see more information.

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