Why Does My Cat Tap Me When I Walk Past?

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Last Updated on September 16, 2022

If you want to know why your cat taps you when you walk past, there are some simple ways to fix this behavior. Often, your cat is just trying to get your attention. If your cat is tapping you when you walk past, the cause is likely to be something recent. If this is the case, you should find the cause and eliminate it. If you notice that your cat is not happy when you walk past, there’s a simple way to solve the problem.

Your cat wants to be noticed

If your cat carries its tail high, it is trying to attract your attention. Cats with curved tail tips want attention, as they are less likely to get electrocuted. However, if your cat carries its tail low, he or she does not want to be noticed. However, you can still interact with your cat if you observe these behavior patterns. Here are some things you should look for.

Your cat stands on you at specific times. You might notice your cat standing on you after a large meal, after a long day, or at three o’clock. It is a way to show affection by getting into your business. You can also try bribing your cat with a treat for interacting with you. If you notice this behavior often, you may want to visit your veterinarian.

A simple way to tell if your cat is happy is by observing how they act around you. The first sign is a rubbing motion. If your cat is rubbing against your leg, he or she is greeting you. This behavior may be more noticeable after a longer absence. Once you know what your cat is doing, you can start petting and loving him or her more. And remember, you can’t pet a cat if he or she feels threatened or anxious.

They want to be noticed

What do cats want? They want attention! They will use their claws to attack you if you’re too close or move too fast. The closest contact point is the ankles, so cats are more likely to attack your ankles than your hand or foot. If this behaviour is ongoing, there are a few ways to stop it. Here are three common reasons your cat may be tapping you:

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