Ahglow Rebonding Set – How to Use, Apply, and Style Your Hair

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Last Updated on September 17, 2022

If you’ve been thinking of buying a Ahglow rebonding set, but you’re not sure how to use it, read this article. Here’s some info on how to use the rebonding set, anti-frizz spray, and straightening cream. You’ll also learn about how to apply Ahglow Pre-Process Softener and a couple of other tips on how to style your hair after using the rebonding set.

Using ahglow rebonding set

The Ahglow Hairstrait Rebonding Set is a complete system that permanently straightens curly, wavy, and frizzy hair. The Ahglow Straightening Cream softens disulfide bonds in the hair, and the Ahglow Neutralizer Cream reconnects and rebonds them. This set also includes two ceramic flat irons and gloves.

During my recent visit to Dermcare in Pasig City, I had the opportunity to use the Ahglow rebonding set and discuss its benefits with the Ahglow team. Ahglow’s team of Leah, Fe, and Elvie, conducts Ahglow seminars in various key cities across the country. At these seminars, the Ahglow team explains what each Ahglow product can do for rebonded hair.

In addition to the Ahglow Rebonding Set, the Ahglow Rebonding System with Keratin comes with a 330-gram stand-up pouch and straightening cream. These products are made by Ahglow Corporation, a Filipina organization that focuses on developing world-class beauty products for men and women. They are based in the Philippines and export to countries such as the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Papua New Guinea, and Australia.

Using ahglow rebonding anti frizz spray

Ahglow Rebonding Anti Frizz Spray is an important step before rebonding. This anti-frizz product can help your tresses retain their elasticity during the Rebonding process. The spray will also help rebalance the moisture of your hair after the process is finished. However, you should not use this product on the scalp since it can cause irritation. To avoid these problems, you should use Ahglow Pre-Process Softener.

This product contains silicone solvents that work to straighten hair. They help neutralize yellow tones and detangle frizz. They are also great for frizzy, dry tresses. This product helps prevent breakage after rebonding and leaves hair in a perfect condition. It is easy to apply and dries quickly, so you can start enjoying your new tresses right away.

Ahglow Rebonding Anti Frizz Spray is made for those who want to permanently straighten curly and wavy hair. The product comes in a convenient stand-up pouch that contains 165 g of Straightening Cream and Neutralizer Cream for a one-time use. The brand also offers keratin based conditioners and cuticle treatment products for rebonding and coloring.

Using ahglow straightening cream

The Ahglow Rebonding Set is a complete system for permanently straightening wavy, curly, and frizzy hair. The Ahglow system includes a Straightening Cream that softens the hair’s disulfide bonds, a Neutralizer Cream to reconnect the bonds, and two ceramic flat irons. Ahglow is a Filipino organization that develops world-class beauty products. It exports to the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and Papua New Guinea.

The Ahglow Rebonding System includes Ahglow Keratin Hair Protector, which protects the hair from heat damage. After applying the Ahglow Keratin Hair Protector, hair is ironed at 140°C – 180°C. This system creates hair that is almost completely straight. You can also use Ahglow Straightening Cream and Neutralising Cream for additional moisture after the Rebonding process.

Rebonding sets should be rinsed out thoroughly after application. You should touch up every three to six months. Because it breaks natural bonds in hair, you should wash your hair with a keratin-replacement product after each treatment. You should also avoid pulling your hair as this may cause it to become flat and brittle. In addition to rebonding, Ahglow also provides Keratin replacement products.

Using ahglow hairstrait straightening rebonding set

You can permanently straighten wavy, kinky, or curly hair with the Ahglow Hairstrait Rebonding System. This professional tool will leave your hair smooth, silky, and shiny. This product will also leave your hair healthy and hydrated. Best of all, you can use it at home and save money by getting it done at home!

The Ahglow hairstrait rebonding system uses thermal application, a heating process that seals in the conditioning treatment. This results in beautiful straight hair. You should use enough product to cover the entire area of your hair, depending on the texture, length, and thickness. You will need a small amount of cream, about one tablespoon for a medium-sized head of hair.

Using ahglow rebonding cream

Before applying Ahglow Rebonding Cream, you should smooth your hair first. Section the hair in a one-cm-thick section. Lifting the layer of hair can cause bent hair. Leave the Rebonding Cream on the hair for five minutes for final development. After this time, rinse your hair thoroughly with cool, clear water. Repeat steps 5 to 8 as needed. The total processing time should not exceed 45 minutes.

Ahglow Rebonding Cream has keratin infusion. Keratin is the first layer of hair that stands and is prone to damage. It comes in stand-up pouches for one use. Ahglow also makes a Gold Titanium Straightening Iron. It doesn’t pull hair or snag, and comes with a warranty. The company is a Filipino company.

Ahglow rebonding cream contains Kerafix, a Keratin replacement that is meant to last longer. The product is designed to be applied to damaged hair. It also offers products to help keep your hair rebonded. Keratin replacement is another feature of Ahglow rebonding products. This product is not a substitute for a salon visit, but it does enhance the rebonding process.

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