How to Use Money Spray to Align Yourself With New Income Streams and Financial Stability

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Last Updated on September 16, 2022

Money Spray is an incredibly powerful, highly-concentrated elixir for aligning yourself with new income streams and financial stability. It works to maintain consistent flow, so your intentions will be carried through in a positive way. Money Spray is made with 100% essential oils and Reiki, and is blended during the appropriate moon phase to support your intention. Money Spray can be sprayed on bills, credit cards, and paper cash for a powerful blessing on the outgoing flow and money you receive.

Mystic Blends Money Drawing Spray

Mystic Blends Money Drawing Spray is a natural, spray that can help attract prosperity to your home, business, or office. The blend of essential oils in Money Drawing is traditional, but the formula also contains polysorbate-20, a natural emulsifier derived from coconut. The spray produces a fine mist. It is perfect for cleansing spell candles, charms, and apartments. To use the spray, simply mist the affected area with the mist.

Draw Money Real Quick spray is another good choice. The scent has a sweet floral top note with a base of Rose. Added to this, it contains herbs that are traditionally believed to attract love. With its soothing and calming effect, it is a delightful room spray. In addition to emulsifier from coconut, it is non-toxic. The spray contains a 6.5 oz bottle that is easy to carry around.

Rita’s Money Magnet Mist Spray

Rita’s Money Magnet Mist Spray is a powerful spiritual oil that is made to attract prosperity. It works by breaking down barriers to receiving and switching up energy to attract money and abundance. It can be used to enhance the luck of gambling, and even on the altar for extra money. Its scent will enhance your luck at the casino. If you’re a devoted gambler, you’ll love Rita’s Money Magnet Mist Spray. It can double your earning power and attract money to your side.

Rita’s Money Magic

The Money Magic mist has been designed to attract wealth and prosperity. It breaks down barriers to receiving and switches up the energy in your space. You can use the Money Magic mist on your money altar or a corner in your home to attract additional money. It is also great for gamblers’ luck! Rita’s Money Magic mist can double your earning power! It comes in a 4 oz glass spray bottle.

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