How Not to Summon a Demon Lord by Dubhappy

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Last Updated on September 16, 2022

If you like anime and manga, you probably have heard of the series “How Not to Summon a Demon Lord” by dubhappy. The manga and anime are both about demon summoning. Ultimately, it’s about a young girl named Alicia who goes on a journey that ends with the demon lord refusing to choose her. Eventually, Chester comes to the conclusion that a demon lord who could inspire such goodwill couldn’t be a demon lord.

Diablo refuses to choose a demon lord

The demon lord dubhappy is the chosen demon in Diablo’s quest to become the king of Hell. Diablo’s refusal to choose a demon lord is a sign of his insufficiency. After having failed to kill a demon lord for several days, Diablo finally accepts the demon lord dubhappy’s offer to take his place. However, he doesn’t want to be tied down to the chosen demon lord. This leads to the final battle.

In the midst of this battle, Diablo and Fanis meet and attempt to seduce each other. Diablo, however, is not interested in either. He wants to destroy the Church in order to make his own name. In order to help him do so, he uses his magical powers to charge a magic potions on his beloved Rose. This allows him to fight the Paladin, who is a rival to Diablo.

The group reaches the battlefield when they rescue Lumachina Weselia from being killed by Paladin Gewalt. Diablo convinces Lumachina to accept his offer, despite the fact that she believes he is a god and has been hiding his identity all these years. Shera, however, believes that he is a demon lord, and she decides to follow him.

Takuma Sakamoto is a hikikomori gamer who becomes the Demon Lord Diablo. He is accompanied by Elf Shera L. Greenwood and Pantherian Rem Galleu. The trio eventually settles in Faltra City, where they are joined by Celestine Baudelaire, the head of the Mage Association. They try to make the new demon lord their servant, and eventually end up having magical collars around their necks.

During the first meeting with Chester Ray Galford, Diablo learns that a bounty is placed on Keera, so he immediately refuses to take it. He also orders Alicia Crystella to serve as the Imperial knight. The group purchases a scythe to use against weaker enemies. Alicia, meanwhile, is adamant that she wasn’t a better guard for Shera. Diablo tells Alicia to stop being so hard on herself.

During the final battle with Lumachina, the Pantherian girl, who is also a demon, is arguing with the Summoned Beast. When she finally realized that she was actually arguing with Diablo, the Summoned Beast began to argue with her and the two summoners began to fight each other. Ultimately, the Summoned Beast wins the fight but the Pantherian girl decides to leave and go in search of a healing item.

Alicia leaves on a new journey

The first volume of the series begins with Alicia leaving on a journey to save her beloved Shera. She is a powerful imperial knight, born into a noble house. Her long red hair is waist-length, and she wears small, edged glasses. Alicia also wears a unique kind of armor that shows off her cleavage and breasts.

Alicia leaves on a new journey to save her sister, but her new quest will bring her closer to Diablo. Diablo is a demon king and Alicia, as the young protagonist, is in love with him. While Alicia has a crush on Diablo, she also has an obsession with finishing things. She is fiercely loyal to Diablo, but he is not always so nice.

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