How to Be a Good Sissy Slave

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Last Updated on September 16, 2022

One of the most important things to be a good sissy is to have an attitude of demureness and submissiveness. As a sissy, you are expected to be demure and submissive, while also having a good sense of humor. Here are some tips on how to be a good sissy slave. Listed below are some tips to make your sissy a perfect slave.

Sissy maids must be demure

A Sissy Maid is an attractive young woman who dresses to please her mistress. While she may not be able to please the mistress, she is expected to follow her mistress’s rules and behave in a demure manner. Sissy maids must be demure in their dress and their behaviour might result in punishment or rewards. Sissy maids should be dressed appropriately and must be demure, otherwise, their mistresses may feel threatened or depressed.

A sissy maid should respect her mistress’s dignity and be respectful. To gain respect, she should dress and talk like a woman. She should also have an interest in feminine things, such as clothes and cosmetics. She should not ogle the mistress without her permission or ogle at images that might arouse her. Chastity makes sissy maids more compliant and improves their standard of work.

Sissy maids can wear a sensual uniform if she wants to. They can wear dresses made of satin, as it is a feminine fabric and comes in many pastel colours such as baby blue, powder, and pale pink. They can accessorise their outfits with ruffles and petticoats to give them a more sensual look. They can also wear marabou mules for height.

They must be submissive

A good sissy slave must be submissive. A real sissy is not a slave if she refuses to surrender her autonomy to her master. A slave wants to own the dominant, which means she needs complete control over her life. This means she can end the relationship at any time if she feels the need to do so. She must also give up all self-respect, including her name.

As a slave, the submissive should be clean and shaven. If Mistress permits, he may wear long hair. The submissive should never look at the Womyn without permission. Keeping the eyes down at all times is also a sign of respect. This rule is especially important if the slave is under the status of “floor” and will sleep on the floor.

A sissy slave must be willing to wear feminine clothing in order to please her Mistress. Generally speaking, a submissive male must wear pink or white panties, a white extra-absorbent pad, and panty hose. As a slave advances, other uniforms will be expected, including panty hose. The submissive male should also keep his mouth shut and not let himself become an object of desire.

A sissy slave should not be privy to the entire plan. It is possible for a submissive to manipulate the system by knowing what she should not be doing, thereby reducing the time for sex. However, it is crucial to identify the specific behaviors you want and the rewards associated with them. This will reduce confusion and make training go faster. If the submissive does not understand what is expected of her, she will likely give in to temptation, which will result in a faster failure.

Training for a sissy slave is very useful outside of the kink community. If you are in a relationship with another dominant, the two of you should discuss how the training will conflict with each other. You may also have children, or a family dynamic. In these cases, it is best to seek out a seasoned sissy slave for guidance. When choosing a sissy slave, it is imperative to make sure they are willing to be submissive.

They must have a sense of humor

A sense of humor is an incipient trait. It can be discovered by accident, say, on a tennis court. Despite this incipient trait’s insignificant stature, it is an important facets of an ideal wife. If she is to fulfill her role as a sissy, she must have a good sense of humor. She should have this sparkling jewel in her crown, just as a good wife must.

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