How to Become a Gyeon Certified Detailer

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Last Updated on September 16, 2022

If you are looking for a certification, look no further. Become a GYEON Certified Detailer and join the family of over 1600 detailers around the globe. Join the GYEON family for reliable products, fair rules, no fees, and shared success. To learn more, visit the GYEON website. Here are some of the benefits of becoming a GYEON Certified Detailer.

Q2 DuraFlex

The quality of Gyeon’s Q2 DuraFlex coating systems is second to none. With a total hardness level of 9H and Level 2 cured finishes, the Q2 DuraFlex system protects and enhances the look of automotive paint. This premium product is only available to qualified detailers, and a Gyeon Q2 DuraFlex certification means you can purchase a 5-year warranty for your work.

The Q2 Base component was designed with increased layer thickness and durability, while the Q2 Flexi topping adds unmatched gloss and smoothness. This coating also exhibits outstanding hydrophobicity, which means it’s highly resistant to water and chemical-based products. In addition, Q2 DuraFlex coating is extremely resistant to graffiti and harsh chemicals. To keep your Gyeon Q2 DuraFlex coating looking as good as new, you should apply it in a well-ventilated area. Also, keep it out of the reach of children, and out of direct sunlight.

For even more protection and durability, you can consider the Q2 Mohs plus coating set. This product is for detailing professionals who have undergone Gyeon’s certification. It comes with a five-year warranty and is guaranteed to last a lifetime with proper maintenance. Its advanced formulas also improve the ceramic properties of a paint. A Gyeon Q2 Mohs+ coating set will protect your vehicle from the elements for years to come.

Besides being resistant to abrasion, Gyeon Q2 Mohs+ has anti-static properties. This product will repel dirt and dust more effectively than any other coating. It’s also impervious to harsh acids. Whether it’s a detergent or a polish, the Q2 Mohs+ finish will protect your car. Moreover, it will resist watermarks as long as you follow safe maintenance procedures.

Q2 Mohs+

GYEON Q2 Mohs+ is a revolutionary ceramic paint coating that wraps your motorcycle in an incredibly tough layer of protection. It increases paint hardness by three H on the Mohs scale, reducing the effects of environmental contaminants, and providing unparalleled scratch resistance. Unlike other automotive paints, Q2 Mohs+ also exhibits excellent watermark and stain resistance, as well as self-cleaning properties. The 2-stage coating system also features nitrogen to prevent oxidation.

Q2 Mohs+ coatings provide outstanding protection for five years and are ideal for professionals. The brand has a comprehensive line of detailing products that includes a variety of paint tools and PH neutral wash soaps. Q2 Mohs EVO uses a unique formulation that uses fluoro modified polysilazanes, which is a first for the car care industry. In addition to providing exceptional gloss and chemical resistance, Q2 Mohs EVO is very easy to apply and wipe.

Gyeon Q2 MOHS EVO is a two-coat ceramic protection system that delivers outstanding protection against the elements and maintains a legendary gloss for up to 36 months. This coating can be applied with a foam application method or by using a clay bar. The coating is applied until it is cool to the touch. It is recommended that the car be detailed prior to applying the protective coating. It can also be layered for greater durability.

For best results, apply GYEON Q2 Mohs EVO using a liberal amount of the product. Apply GYEON Q2 Prep in small sections using an arm motion and then spray the product on the desired area. Allow the coating to cure for 24 hours. After applying the coating, avoid washing the vehicle for 14 days. Only use safe maintenance products for best results. The manufacturer provides a 5-year warranty for its products.

Q2 Flexi

The Gyeon Q2 DuraFlex 50ml Kit is a two-part ceramic coating that has two distinct ingredients: a base coat of pure silazane (the hardest automotive coating to date) and a topcoat of thick, flexible silicone. The result is a finish that is glossy, watermark-resistant, and self-cleaning. It is also a great choice for use on the interior of a vehicle.

Its two-layer formula features an ultra hydrophobic finish, ensuring that paint remains protected and enhancing in look. The Q2 Mohs+ coating comes with a five-year warranty and can be applied by certified Gyeon detailers. With a regular maintenance program, the Q2 Mohs+ will maintain its shine for years to come. Gyeon Q2 Flexi certifications are ideal for professional detailing and enhancing paint jobs.

Q2 Infinite

The top coat of the Q2 Infinite paint system is a thin layer of high gloss and hydrophobicity that extends the base coating’s durability. This top coat is especially recommended for harsh climates, high mileage vehicles, and those exposed to heavy winter conditions. For added protection, a maintenance product such as Q2 CanCoat Pro EVO is also available for this topcoat.

A double-layer, two-ingredient ceramic coating with the most advanced hydrophobic properties in the market, the Q2 DuraBead is an advanced ceramic coating that is designed to meet the demanding requirements of Gyeon certified detailers. Its multiple layers of Q2 mohs base coat and fluorine base topcoat result in extreme hydrophobicity, exceptional self-cleaning properties, and incredible durability.

The GYEON QUARTZ system incorporates a single or dual layer of the Q2 INFINITE EVO ceramic coating. These professional grade detailers apply the Q2 INFINITE coating on vehicles. Only those detailers certified by Gyeon are eligible to apply the Q2 Mohs+Plus coating system. Gleammachine is the first professional detailer in the UK to become certified in this new professional ceramic coating. This certification is a major step in the development of future Gyeon products and field testing.

The GYEON Q2 durabead offers self-cleaning properties and surpasses known industry standards. It is also anti-static, which means that it attracts less dirt than other coatings. Additionally, it is highly resistant to all kinds of chemicals and is a pH between two and eleven. Harsh acids, detergents, and solvents have little or no effect on its hydrophobic properties.

Q2 Syncro EVO

Gyeon Q2 Syncro EVO is one of the most advanced multilayer ceramic paint systems on the market. This coating system combines a Q2 MOHS basecoat with a Q2 SKIN topcoat for maximum protection and durability. Its unique two-stage coating system provides unparalleled gloss and color enhancement and is self-cleaning. For a clean and perfect appearance between washes, the Q2 Syncro EVO system delivers the ultimate combination of hardness and flexibility.

A special coating technology called “amorphous organic-silica nano-composite” protects against dirt, dust and water. It also protects against harmful UV rays and road salt. The Gyeon Q2 Syncro EVO system is chemically resistant to chemicals used for cleaning, and is removed only through machine polishing. Its toughness has been tested, and a selected panel was treated with spirit-based tar remover, strong acid-based fallout remover, mild clay bar and neat isopropyl alcohol.

The Gyeon Q2 Syncro EVO system features a unique coating system that provides long-term performance, protection, and self-cleaning properties. To maximize the performance of this coating, most manufacturers use separate products called “toppers.” Toppers add gloss, hydrophobic properties, and protect the coating layer. The original Gyeon Syncro included both the coating and the application materials. However, the newer Syncro EVO offers enhanced durability and easier application, and is designed for all clients, whether they are professionals or enthusiasts.

The newly developed Hybrid coating system uses fluoro-modified polisylazane technology, which greatly improves durability, chemical resistance, and ease of use. The new formula is easy to apply and wipes off with minimal effort. Its lightweight design makes it ideal for use outdoors, and it provides superior protection. The unique coating technology also improves color vibrancy. It is easy to apply and rubbed in, so it’s suitable for most users.

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