How to Build a Balcony in Sims FreePlay

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Last Updated on September 17, 2022

If you’re not sure how to build a balcony in The Sims FreePlay, you’re not alone. Many of us would love to have a second floor, but not everyone knows how. In this article, we’ll explain how to build a balcony in Sims FreePlay and unlock the Lovey-Dovey Balcony quest. After you’ve built your balcony, you can now decorate it with whatever you want.

Steps to building a balcony in sims freeplay

The first step towards building a balcony is to build a house. First, you must have a first-floor room or apartment. Next, you must add outdoor stairs, and then you need to decorate the balcony. Lastly, you need to get to the same level as your neighborhood. To learn how to build a balcony in Sims freeplay, follow these steps. In addition, building a balcony will require some crafting skills.

To build a balcony, you can purchase the necessary materials from your home store. You should place your balcony on the second floor. It takes a while, so make sure you have plenty of patience. It will give you more Maternity Tokens, and will also give you more space to put flowers. You can also build stairs on the balcony. Once you have installed the stairs, you can decorate it by putting the railings and decorations.

Once you have built a room on the first floor, the next step is to upgrade the other two floors. You can use DIY Home to build a balcony. You must also upgrade the other two floors to reach that level. Once you have completed all the tasks on the second floor, you can build a balcony. The steps to building a balcony in Sims freeplay are easy to follow.

First, you must own a house with two floors or higher. Then, you must complete the quest Lovey-Dovey Balcony. You must complete the quest within 7 days, and you can unlock exclusive planters and decorative privacy screens. You can build a balcony using 5 different planters, and you can use the Planter Stand to water the plants for eight seconds. When the installation is complete, you can use the Planter Stand to place a privacy screen and other items that you might want to add.

Unlocking Lovey-Dovey Balcony quest

In the Sims Freeplay game, the main goal of DIY Homes is to build a beautiful home with balconies. You can do this by building a balcony on any floor of the house. Once you’ve done so, you can unlock other upgrades for your house such as railings, tiles, and a Make Out Couch. In addition to these upgrades, you can also unlock the Lovey-Dovey balcony quest.

To unlock this quest, you must have a home with at least two levels. You can build a balcony by going to the Home Store menu and selecting “Build a balcony”. Once you have a balcony, you can unlock Planters, Outdoor Staircases, and Privacy Screens. You can find all of these in the Home Store under Decorations – Outdoor.

The next step is to invite your parner over. This will allow you to make out on a makeout couch, or Snuggle. You can also call a friend and command them to DIY their home. After that, you can command the two sims to have sex on the Make Out couch. If you’re not sure if you’re ready for a lovemaking scenario, you can try this method.

Building a second floor in sims freeplay

The first step to building a second floor in Sims Freeplay is to finish the quest, which will give you the option to build other floors. Click the shop icon and then select Floor Construction. You will now see a blue grid with a button. Click this button and then follow the blue lines to start construction. The cheapest staircase will cost 30,000 simoleons. Next, mark where you want to build the second floor. Make sure the stairs aren’t blocked!

To add a second floor, you must first complete the Multi-Story Renovation quest. This will unlock the ability to build a second floor. You will need to have the Woodworking Hobby unlocked and complete the Multi-Story Renovation Quest within 6 days. You can also unlock the Elevators and Escalators pack to add additional floors to your Sims’ home. Once you have completed the quest, you will be able to add a second floor to your Sim’s home.

If you haven’t yet unlocked the Multistory building option in The Sims Mobile, don’t worry – it’s coming on May 11th. For now, the second floor and building permit are locked until level 25. However, you can unlock an early access building permit by spending Simcash. In The Sims Freeplay, you can also add a basement. If you’re looking for an even more exciting way to expand your Sim’s home, check out The Sims Mobile.

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