How to Build a Mare Motel

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Last Updated on September 16, 2022

Despite their name, mare motels are much more than a shelter for your horses. They are a unique type of barn that offers your animals outstanding ventilation and visibility while providing protection from the elements. A mare motel also offers the added benefit of being completely insulated for winter months and foaling. Because of these benefits, mare motels are also perfect for use in the desert climate. Whether your horse needs to be kept indoors during the winter or out during foaling or during any other time of the year, a mare motel will provide the best conditions for them.

Open Air Mare Motels offer ventilation and visibility for your animals

Open Air Mare Motels provide maximum ventilation and visibility for your animals while still allowing easy feeding and grooming. They are available in both full coverage and partial coverage. They are an effective choice for equine housing. You can choose the best ventilation system for your horses depending on their weight and stocking density. Here are some of the benefits of open air Mare Motels. Read on to learn more about this type of equine housing.

They offer shelter from the elements

Mare motels are great for equestrians, as they provide space and protection from the weather. They can be designed with open air ventilation, a raised center aisle and partial or full coverage. They are a cost-effective equine housing option. Read on to learn more. Listed below are some of the benefits of Mare Motels. o Superior ventilation and visibility

o Good ventilation: Mare motels have lots of ventulation, which means that horses can stay cool even in the hottest or wettest weather. Open-air barns, on the other hand, are great if you have limited space. In addition to offering good ventilation, mare motels are resistant to fires and are less expensive than barns. They can even serve as storage facilities for equipment, vehicles and RVs.

o Quality materials: Mare Motels are constructed of premium galvanized steel and feature optimum ventilation. They are available in shedrow and classic breezeway configurations. They protect your animals year-round, offering a cool, shady retreat in the fall and a warm, dry shelter in the spring. They are easy to install. FCP uses certified welders and premium galvanized materials to construct them.

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