How to Build a Sliding Tilt Front End for a ’57 Corvette

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Last Updated on September 16, 2022

There are two basic ways to mount a sliding tilt front end on a ’57 Corvette. The first method is a straight vertical seam where the front end slides forward and backward, and the second is a slotted or sliding mount. Using either method, the front end is attached to the body through the bottom rear fenders. Be sure to paint the front fender pieces before attaching them to the body.

Stabilize the front end

The main role of the lock mechanism 6 is to stabilize the sliding tilt front end. To do this, it is necessary to apply a clamping force on the upper part of the tailgate. The tilt elongated hole is placed on the relatively rear side of the front bracket. This design is necessary for the locking device to reduce the backlash during operation. In addition, the lock mechanism 6 has the capability to stabilize the front end if the rear bumper is tilted in a downward direction.

Stop it from sliding out of the tubing

One way to fix this problem is to attach a single hinge mechanism, such as a clevis pin. These can be found at your local auto parts store. The front end hinge needs to be kept from sliding out of the tubing, because if it does, the rear part of the fenders will be flapping all over the place. To accomplish this, you will need a 1/2″ bolt and a fiber lock nut.

Secure the lower fender panels

Before you can build the tilt mechanism, you will need to cut the lower fender panels. You can do this by using a die grinder or a fine tooth saber saw. Once you’ve cut the fender panels, you will need to secure them to the front end. You can use fiberglass flat stock to make the fenders secure. After the fenders are secured, you can install the front end and the front fender.

Once you have secured the lower fender panels, you need to attach the hinges. To do this, you will need to cut the lower brackets and lower fender panels at the same mark. Then, install the hinge pin into the slot and then weld the brackets together. The hinges should be welded in the same way. Once these are in place, the front end can be removed.

Secure the radiator

Several methods can be used to secure the radiator when building a sliding tilt front-end. A single air shock can secure the front-end open, while a double hinge is another option. The original perches can be repositioned to clear the front-end, while steel tubing can be attached to the top of the firewall. A Dzus strut rod can be found at an auto parts store.

To remove the radiator, you must first disengage the negative battery cable from the battery. This prevents it from touching the battery post. Then, remove the cooling fan shroud. Next, remove the coolant reservoir hose from its fitting. Use a hose wrench to remove one nut. Make sure to clean the area where the hose is mounted. If the radiator is attached to an electric motor, a line wrench is needed.

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