How to Clear Your Luminous Energy Field

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Last Updated on September 17, 2022

Using intuition to clear your luminous energy field is a powerful way to improve your health and life. Your Luminous energy field is a mystical matrix that contains your genetic information and enables you to experience more joy and vitality. By clearing your beliefs, you are facilitating the healing ability of your body. If you want to clear your energy field and improve your life, here are some simple ways to do it.

Luminous energy field

If you want to know how to clear your luminous energy field, keep reading! The Luminous Energy Field (LEF) is a vortex of light that surrounds and organizes your body like a magnet does iron filings. It’s like a translucent bubble of energy that extends as wide as your arms and even down into the earth. The LEF contains information about your life story and genetic history. When you’re a shaman, you can upgrade the quality of that information with the use of your tools.

In shamanic energy healing, Illumination is the process of upgrading the LEF. The LEF instructs your cells, molecules, and genes and DNA and even your nervous system. It also helps you recover your essential self and experience exceptional health. The LEF contains imprints from generations ago that can be wiped out in a single session. Imprints that are stored in the LEF may cause you to behave in negative ways and attract negative people.

Luminous energy field as a matrix

Luminous energy fields or auras organize our bodies, just as an iron filing is organized by a magnet. They’re invisible and are made up of light and matter, and they extend the width of our arms and down into the earth. To clear them, you need to learn to work with your own luminous energy field, which informs the anatomy of the body. By utilizing the technique of chakra clearing, you can clear your energy field to release negative energies and reclaim your health.

This method includes a series of rituals. First, you’ll install protections into your LEF. These protective energies include the Bands of Power, which represent the five elements. They also break down negative energies that feed the person. The last rite is called the Clearing Ritual. After a series of rituals, you’ll have your LEF cleared and your energy field cleansed of negative energies.

Luminous energy field as a clearing tool

The Luminous Energy Field, or LEF, is an invisible matrix that governs the anatomy of our body. Intense and crystallized energies are drawn to it and they change our affinities with these entities. This means that we can use LEF clearing tools to clear our bodies of unwanted energy. These techniques can help you become more attuned to the luminous energy field and its various aspects.

Luminous energy field as a source of genetic information

Ancient American prophecies describe a time of great transformation, when a new human will emerge on Earth who will be wise, powerful, and abide in their eternal nature. These Rites of the Munay-Ki work to upgrade your luminous energy field, which contains your genetic information. These rites have been said to re-inform your DNA and heal inherited programs.

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