How to Make a 3 Into 1 Merge Collector

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Last Updated on September 17, 2022

You may have come across the term “Tailpipe ring” before. However, what is this and how does it work? There are several options that can help you with this project. These options are Tailpipe ring and Cone Engineering. In this article, we’ll explore them both in depth. If you’re a newcomer to exhaust systems, you may be wondering what these are.

Cone Engineering

A welded conical collector is not the only option for your car’s exhaust system. A slip-fit collector also exists. Cone Engineering specializes in making custom-engineered, performance-oriented exhaust systems. They have been the choice of exhaust manufacturers for 35 years. Now, their performance-enhancing designs are available to everyone! You can save more than 10% on the price of individual components by purchasing a kit and installing it yourself.

For optimal performance and air flow, Cone Engineering 3 into 1 merge collectors are available in a range of sizes. The TurboStar model is the most common, but can also be custom-built. Using the same high-quality, heavy-duty materials as the forged conical collectors, TurboStars fit perfectly into the gap between the primary tubes. They also leave half of the tube wall diameter free for the weld surface.

This welded 3 into 1 merge collector is ideal for applications that require increased capacity and performance. The piping compatibility of the piping system is not a concern since Cone’s full-exhaust merge slip-on collector is available in mild steel and 304 stainless steel. Its size is compatible with primary tube diameters ranging from a tiny 1.125″ to a massive 2.625″.

2 into 1 turbo merge collectors

How to make 2 into 1 turbo merge collector? These unique exhaust systems combine high flow and velocity for maximum volumetric efficiency. The inlet and outlet are hand ported to provide a seamless transition. MAPerformance merge collectors are made of high-quality stainless steel, which ensures a lifetime of durability and performance. These systems can be used in vehicles of all types, including mid-engine cars.


To create a smooth transition between a three-way and a single-way exhaust system, there are two ways to design the collector. Firstly, you can design the transition to create an angle, which will increase the flow of exhaust gas. Secondly, you can design a transition spike to keep the transition smooth. This will enhance the volumetric efficiency and keep exhaust velocity high. There are a number of ways to design the transition, but whichever approach you choose, the following are the steps to follow.

If you’re building an exhaust header, you’ll need to determine the length of the tailpipe and the length of the collector. A four-into-one merge collector typically has a length of eight inches, but you may need to cut it shorter in order to create a shorter transition. Choosing the correct length will depend on how much power you’re looking to get from the transition, so you’ll need to determine which one is best for you.

Tailpipe ring

Merge Collectors are designed to maximize the volumetric efficiency of exhaust gases. This allows for a more efficient air/fuel mixture in the combustion chamber, improving horsepower and torque. In order to maximize volumetric efficiency, the Merge Collector must be properly fabricated. The design should be compatible with the engine’s primary tube diameter. Here are some tips for making the right choice:

Measure the diameter of the center opening of the collector. This will be approximately one-half-inch from the point of the merge. Using the proper measurement, place the tailpipe ring insert into the opening. To secure it, use bolts or pop rivets that are at least 1/4″ long. The screw may vibrate loose. Alternatively, you can weld or bolt the ring to the tailpipe.

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