How to Make a Summer Raspberry Cake in My Cafe

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Last Updated on September 17, 2022

I am planning to open a new cafe and I need to know how to make a delicious summer raspberry cake for my customers. Here are the ingredients, methods, and price for such a cake. Keep reading to discover how to make this amazing dessert! This summer raspberry cake is a perfect dessert for my cafe! The taste of this delicious treat will be unforgettable. So, start experimenting and get your hands on the recipe!

Recipe for summer raspberry cake

If you want to sell your homemade summer raspberry cake at your cafe or in your home, here are some easy tips for you to follow. First of all, prepare a simple raspberry sauce. Put raspberries in a saucepan with sugar and stir for ten minutes. The raspberries will break down and you will want to stir until the sugar is completely dissolved. Now, add a squeeze of fresh lemon juice. Once the sauce is ready, remove it from the heat and strain out the seeds. Once cooled, pour the raspberry sauce over the cake.

This classic raspberry cake has a lovely tart flavor with hints of lemon and ginger. The moist cake with a generous topping is the perfect summertime treat, and is great for picnics. However, there’s a problem with the raspberry cake recipe. It contains pesky seeds, so be sure to remove them before making the batter. In addition, you’ll need two types of ice cream.

First, you need to prepare the cream filling. Mix double cream, icing sugar, and vanilla extract. Next, add in the cream cheese. Mix until smooth and thick. Stir in the remaining ingredients. Turn the mixer to high and continue mixing for about two minutes until the filling is fluffy. You can top the cake with fresh raspberries, if desired. Store it in the refrigerator until it’s time to serve it to customers.

The cake batter should be smooth and creamy. Then, you can fold in the powdered sugar and egg yolks. Beat the batter until soft peaks form. Next, pour the cooled cake in a loaf pan and serve it with raspberry sauce. This recipe will serve as a wonderful starter for a summer-time raspberry cake at your cafe. There are many variations for you to experiment with. You can even add different flavors to the recipe, so you can make it your own!


If you want to celebrate the arrival of summer with some of the most refreshing cakes around, consider making a delicious summer raspberry cake. This cake is packed with flavor thanks to the addition of lemon and ginger. Its light lemon-ginger glaze drizzles over a moist pound cake filled with fresh raspberries and topped with mini meringue toppings. It is perfect for a summer picnic or birthday celebration and would make a wonderful summer dessert.

If you are looking for a simple recipe for a summer raspberry cake, you can prepare a single-layer or double-layered Bundt cake with fresh raspberries. Prepare a raspberry sauce by combining sugar and raspberries and stirring for ten minutes. Once the raspberries have broken down and the sugar has dissolved, add fresh lemon juice. Once the sauce has cooled, strain it to remove seeds. After it cools completely, pour it over the cake.

Next, prepare a small raspberry cake. A small cake is not too large and doesn’t take up too much room. The perfect dessert to cap off a summer meal. Grease a 9×5 inch loaf pan. Bake the cake for 50-60 minutes in a preheated oven at 350 F. While baking, loosely cover the cake with aluminum foil to prevent browning. After the cake has cooled, pour the raspberry sauce on top and enjoy!

After the cake layers have completely cooled, spread about a cup of the cream filling on the top of the cake. Leave a half-inch border around the edges. Sprinkle with raspberries or edible flowers, if desired. If you have any leftover, sprinkle them with whipped cream. If you decide to serve this cake, share a picture on social media! You’ll be amazed by the result!


In My Cafe “Summer” game, you need to combine certain elements to create a delicious recipe. This dessert can earn extra money for your cafe. This recipe is quite difficult to make because you must combine several elements. Once you’ve mastered the ingredients, the recipe will appear in your cafe. It is best to follow a recipe guide to make a delicious cake. Once you’ve completed this game, you can make this dessert.

This cake is tart with notes of lemon and ginger, and a delicious topping. You can serve this cake for summer picnics or even as a birthday cake. This recipe uses a Victoria sponge and drizzles it with a lemon-ginger glaze that contains Rejuvenation Blend herbal tea. It’s served with mini meringue toppings and is a lovely summer dessert for any occasion. It’s best eaten with a cup of espresso.

Prepare three 8-inch cake pans with parchment paper and spray them with cooking spray. Line the pans with the parchment paper circles. If your pans don’t have parchment paper, spray them with cooking spray. You can also use straws as dowels to help the cake from slipping. To bake the cake, follow the recipe as directed. For the topping, combine half mango and half raspberry frosting and spread it evenly.

The next step in making summer raspberry cake is to prepare the raspberries and sugar. Raspberries are rubbed through a sieve and 400 g sugar is dissolved in a blender. In the meantime, gelatin is dissolved in warm water. Whip the cream separately in a separate bowl. Next, add the raspberry juice and the gelatin. Allow the mixture to cool before adding the gelatin.

Prepare the other ingredients. Usually, cakes contain baking powder to make the pastry fluffy. To avoid the use of baking powder, you can use quenched soda. This soda has an acidic property. To replace baking powder, simply mix the powder with lemon juice or vinegar. You can also fold in lemon zest. Then, you’re ready to serve the summer raspberry cake. It’s time to make your summer raspberry cake in the cafe!


How much should I charge for a summer raspberry cake in my cafe? You can add it to your menu right away. However, if you want to attract more customers, you should lower its price. It should be green and not yellow. It should be a bit expensive for the customers, but most of them will agree with you. Then, you should put it at a lower price and make it green and not yellow.

To make a summer raspberry cake in My Cafe, you need to combine certain elements. The elements are described in detail and when they are combined, the new recipe appears in the coffee shop. Picking the perfect combination is not an easy task, so make sure you read the instructions carefully. Once you’ve combined the right ingredients, you can make a delicious summer raspberry cake. This recipe is not an easy one to make, but if you master it, you’ll have a tasty and healthy treat for your customers.

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