How to Make a Tutu Cake Stand

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Last Updated on September 17, 2022

I recently hosted a birthday party for a friend and made a tutu cake stand for the occasion. It didn’t cost me much to make and added a fun presentation to the cake. Here’s how to make one! Follow the instructions in this article to create your very own tutu cake stand! You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to create this adorable prop! You can easily create a tutu cake stand for any occasion using basic materials!


A tutu cake stand is a fun way to present a birthday cake and is an excellent addition to a baby shower or bridal shower. A tutu is a beautiful ballerina dress and a cake decorated in this style is the perfect gift for a little princess. The tutorials on how to make a tutu cake stand include a fluffy tutu cake board as well. The following are some simple steps to create a tutu cake stand.

First, make a cardboard drum. Place your cake on it, and then attach the board to it with more glue dots. Now, you can place the cake on top of it and make your tutu cake stand look perfect. You can also use double-sided carpet tape to keep your dummies in place. Once you have finished assembling your tutu cake stand, you can decorate it with a tutu skirt and tie it in the back.

Make a beautiful cake stand by using an old tin baking sheet folded upside down. You can paint this to match the theme of your party, and you can also use it to display your desserts. You can also make a tutu stand out of a glass plate. It’s an inexpensive way to display your cake, and it won’t break the bank! Just make sure you choose a sturdy material for your cake stand, and don’t forget to use glitter!

To make a tutu cake stand, you will need a pair of tulle garments and a tuxedo leotard. You can find printable leotard leotards on the internet. You can also use colored clipboards to draw the top portion of the leotard. To complete your tutu cake stand, tie a bow with ribbon and glue it to the front.


The materials for making a tutu cake stand are pretty simple to come by. Using white, fuschia, and pink tulle material, you’ll have a pretty cake stand in no time. Tie it to a 12″ Wiltons cake base with silver sphericals. The cake is now ready to be photographed tomorrow. You’ll also need a Good day Kitty tiara and a candle.

The tulle pieces should be about twice as tall as the cake box. You can use different colors or different patterns to add to the look. You can also make smaller knots if you have a fuller tutu. Then, prime the cake stand with a hat field lid to match the shade theme. This is a fun way to show off your tutu cake. It also looks pretty and adds to the overall design of the cake.


Depending on the size of your cake box, you may need more than one piece of tulle. Cut two pieces of tulle that are approximately twice as tall as the box and tie them with elastic around the sides and top. Tie the elastic tightly to prevent the tulle from sliding. Pick a color and pattern of tulle that suits the theme of your party. You can also customize the hat field lid with a variety of shades to match the shade scheme.

Once you have your template, cut the tulle into strips. Once you are satisfied with the size, glue the strips together using a sewing machine. Repeat the process for the other two pieces. Place them on top of the tulle and secure them using a safety pin. Let the tutu stand cool before storing it. Once it dries, you can use it to display the cake.

To make a tutu cake stand, use a lightweight pink, fuschia, or white tulle fabric. Then, tie a silver spherical at the base to prevent it from shifting during the photo shoot. I purchased a Hello Kitty tiara and candlelight at an occasion city and at a nearby Safeway. You can buy a tutu from a costume shop and make it yourself, or you can purchase a tutu from a party supply store.

Finished product

I made my tutu cake stand with white, fuschia, and light pink tulle fabric. I tied the tutu to a round silver cake base that I purchased from Wiltons. Then I attached the cake, which will rest on the cake base and be photographed tomorrow. The Hi Feline tiara and candle light were bought at the occasion city. I had some leftover tulle fabric that I wanted to use as the base.

To make the tutu cake stand, tie the fabric together into small knots. If you have multiple colors of tulle, use smaller knots. Tie the fabric around the cake box, ensuring that it doesn’t slide. Once the tutu is done, prime the cake stand with the cake base. The hat field lid is optional but should match the shade theme of the cake box. To finish your tutu cake stand, you can add a hat base on top of the tutu to match.

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