How Much Would It Cost To Build The Tabernacle Today?

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Last Updated on September 16, 2022

The price of gold, copper, and other precious materials used in the building of the Tabernacle is still a mystery, but the ark of the covenant weighed about 53 onety kilometers, so how much would they cost today? We can only guess, but gold and copper are the most common metals used in construction. And the Ark of the Covenant, a priceless treasure for the Jewish people, cost around two-and-a-half thousand dollars!


If you could re-build the Tabernacle today, how much gold would it cost? According to Matthew Henry, the Soviet Union produces about 550 tons of gold each year, Canada has seventy tons, and the United States produces forty tons. If this was the case in the early days, how much gold would it cost to build the Tabernacle today? The materials used to build the Tabernacle were quite valuable – today, the value of gold is estimated to be about $60 billion.

In the Bible, God asked the Israelites to bring specific metals and items for his dwelling. In the first place, the people were asked to bring gold, silver, and bronze, which they had already acquired before leaving Egypt. The Israelites were also expected to give each of their sons gold threads and articles of clothing, as they did for Aaron. Interestingly enough, the Israelites had little experience with gold in the old Testament, but they were able to use it as a symbol of faith.


Copper was a valuable material for the Tabernacle. Its value in today’s world is $12 million, or $13 million. The materials used in the construction of the Tabernacle were collected in generous amounts, including free will offerings. The cost of copper, silver, and gold would make it very expensive to build today. This fact makes copper a more expensive material to use in the construction of the Tabernacle than gold.

It is estimated that about 100 silver pedestals were used to build the entire structure. Each pedestal had a socket for tenons on the panel frames. The four pillars separating the Holy and the Most Holy were supported by four of these pedestals. The entrance pillars were made of five copper pedestals. The bronze pillars were also copper. They weighed a talent each.

Tent of Meeting

How Much Would It Cost To Build The Tabarnacle Today? That is the question most people ask themselves. The Bible tells us that it cost a great deal of money to build the Tabernacle, and yet, that was not the case then. Many of the materials used in building the Tabernacle were donated, not bought. This meant that people gave their time and skills for the purpose. The tabernacle was the center of Jewish worship of Yaweh for 500 years.

In the biblical account of the Tabernacle, gold is the dominant material. Gold had significant physical properties and was important to society in Biblical times. Gold was associated with holiness and god in the Near East, and was valued at a great deal during that period. In addition to its importance in biblical times, gold was worth a lot of money. So, how much gold, silver, and bronze would it cost to build the Tabernacle today?

Ark of the Covenant

The ark of the covenant contained gold and shittim wood, a combination that symbolized incorruptibility and heavenly origin. The heavenly city of the New Jerusalem was described as being made of pure gold and was transparent like glass. In addition to containing the Ten Commandments, the ark held a pot of Manna and the rod of Aaron. These objects commanded God to protect Israel, and they were considered sacred by Jews and Gentiles.

The Ark of the Covenant was a symbol of God’s presence among His people, and the place it occupied on the lid was known as the “Mercy Seat.” Every year, the priests would enter the holy tent, and sprinkle the blood of the sacrificed animal on the Mercy Seat, a symbol of atonement for the sins of Israel. Today, Jesus Christ is the only one who can make complete atonement for our sins.

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