How to Turn on a Sanitaire Vacuum

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Last Updated on September 17, 2022

If your Sanitaire vacuum has never worked properly before, it may be time to take it to a qualified repair shop. Ensure the motor and the bag are in proper working order by performing a visual inspection once every 6 months. In the event the vacuum stops functioning, contact a Sanitaire repair center for assistance. Belts tend to break and the vacuum may become overheated, which can cause the vacuum to shut down.

Disassemble a Sanitaire vacuum

First, you should know what the different parts are. A Sanitaire vacuum has a motor that is attached to a housing. The motor is connected to the housing by wires. Disassemble the housing carefully, removing the old power cord and keeping the housing from pinching the wires. If the motor is hard to turn on, you can try to unplug it or turn it off by pressing the power switch.

Check the motor every 6 months

To avoid a breakdown and extend the life of your Sanitaire vacuum, you should perform regular maintenance. Inspect the motor at least every 6 months to ensure that it’s in good working order. In addition, replace the dust bag when necessary, and check the belt for wear and damage. If you’re unsure whether your vacuum needs maintenance, call a qualified Sanitaire repair shop. These professionals can help you find the problem and make it right.

A clogged hose is easy to identify. To remove this obstruction, unplug the machine and use a coat hanger to detach the hose from the vacuum. If you have trouble removing the obstructions, bring the machine to Al’s Appliance Repair. Never run a clogged vacuum, as this can cause it to overheat, cause further issues, and cost you more money.

Check the bag

One of the first things that you should do when you turn on your Sanitaire vacuum cleaner is to check the bag. There may be dust and dirt trapped in the bag. In order to avoid this, it is important to regularly empty the bag by turning it inside out and shaking it. Paper bags are recommended to prevent the accumulation of dust in the bag. To ensure that your Sanitaire vacuum works efficiently, make sure to keep it plugged into a power outlet and to check the bag before using it.

Check the motor

If you’re experiencing poor performance and unusual sounds when you turn on your Sanitaire vacuum cleaner, it may be time to replace the motor. If you’ve had your Sanitaire vacuum for a while, you can check it for signs of wear and tear. If the motor doesn’t have enough power, you should contact a qualified Sanitaire repair center to have it checked. Here are some tips to check the motor:

First, check the circuit board. If it’s not causing any odor, it might be a burning motor. If it hasn’t burned out completely, you can replace the circuit board. If the motor has been burning out for several months or years, you can also check the connections by using a hot-wired 110-volt lead. This will reveal whether the motor is hot or not. If the vacuum cleaner still has an odor after the motor is replaced, it’s time to replace it.

Clean the bag

Before turning on your Sanitaire vacuum cleaner, be sure to empty the bag and check for dust. You can find the bag and on/off switch on the switch box or on the waist belt. To clean the bag, turn it inside out and shake it to remove dust and debris. If you have cloth bags, you should switch to paper ones. Make sure to keep the hose and extension wand unblocked. Before turning on the vacuum cleaner, be sure that the electrical outlet is properly connected. Improper connections may result in sparks or even damage the cable socket.

The Sanitaire SC688B Tradition 12″ upright vacuum cleaner has a 50-foot power cord that is plenty long enough to reach most corners in a room. This feature allows you to move the vacuum easily between rooms without worrying about unplugging it and getting caught in a tight spot. It comes with a 6.1-quart Sanitaire Replacement Disposable Bag that reduces your recycling frequency. A dual zipper pull makes it easy to change the bag.

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