How to Clean an XL Extralight(r) O Bag

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Last Updated on September 16, 2022

You’ve just bought an XL Extralight(r) O bag in smoke pink or burgundy. What now? How do you clean it? It’s surprisingly easy. Read on to discover the best way to clean your new baby accessory. Here are a few simple tips. 1. Clean it with a damp, soft towel. Make sure to take the towel with you, as it can be messy.

XL Extralight(r) O bag body in smoke pink

The XL Extralight(r) O-bag body is constructed of water-resistant and highly flexible foam rubber material. Its smooth finish and soft-touch feel make it a versatile accessory. Available in a rainbow of gorgeous shades, including the on-trend smoke pink, this bag’s body is waterproof and easy to clean. This model is equipped with two central handles, as well as a practical screw-cap closure.

XL Extralight(r) body in blue

XL Extralight(r) technology makes this new material lightweight, shock-absorbing, and oil-resistant. It is a patented product from the Finproject Group, a renowned foam molder in Italy. Because of its unique combination of special properties and safety components, it is especially well suited to the industry. This lightweight and durable material features a blue or green body, contrasting black or red sole, and a patented injection foam molding process.

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