How to Use Storm Step 2 to Resurface Bowling Balls

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Last Updated on September 17, 2022

If you’ve used a Storm reactive ball before, you’ll be familiar with the Pro Finish Step 2 compound. If you’re looking to resurface your balls, this product will remove moderate scratches and scuff marks. It is available to bowlers for resurfacing as well. Read on to learn how to use Storm Step 2 compound to restore your bowling balls. Listed below are several benefits of using the Storm Step 2 compound.

Restoring a ball to original factory finish

Whether your ball has a chip or scuff, restoring it to its factory finish is an easy way to restore its reaction and coverstock life. Resurfacing your ball will restore its original grit and reaction, as well as restore the readability of lighter buff areas. And because the resurfacing process is easy and fast, it’s the perfect option for restoring a ball to its original factory finish.

In order to restore the factory finish, first make sure the surface is flat and free of surface deviations. This is accomplished by deep cutting the surface with a 360 grit abralon pad and applying the 500 grit pad. Never use a 1000, 2000, or 4000 grit pad, as this can destroy the surface deviations and weaken the overall reaction of the ball. In addition, restoring a ball to its factory finish is only possible if it has the same Ra and Rs values as its out-of-box finish.

Resurfacing a bowling ball is an easy process and can be done multiple times without damaging the original surface of the ball. After completing the process, the manufacturer’s name will disappear from the surface. The steps are the same for restoring a ball to its factory finish. The first step is to decide what you want to achieve. Once you’ve decided that, you’ll decide on the grit and the sanding method.

Using a finishing compound

Using a finishing compound after using Storm step 2 can make your golf balls look like new again. Compound is essentially liquid sandpaper and is about the consistency of orange goo handwashing soap. The grittier it is, the smoother the surface of the ball will be. In general, golfers like to use Storm #2 or Brunswick Rough Buff because they give their balls the best of both worlds, a little extra gritty stuff and lots of polish.

The main difference between Storm Step 2 and Rough Buff is the amount of sanding agent that each compound contains. The former removes deeper scratches and scuffs, while the latter adds a small amount of shine. The former has a higher sanding agent to polish ratio than the latter. While RB and Storm Step 2 are effective for all kinds of scuffs and scratches, they don’t add the same kind of shine to your ball.

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