How to Write Shayari

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Last Updated on September 16, 2022

This article will discuss how to write shayari. There are certain rules of metre and Hotaa (the repeated word) that you need to follow. There are some basic examples of the types of shayari you can write. We will also look at the styles of the best Urdu poets. Hopefully, these tips will help you get started on your journey to become a master of the shayari form.

Behar is the metre

The metre of shayari is known as the behar. It can be thought of as the length of the lines. It is also the length of all the ashaar of Gazal. There are three types of behar: dimeter, radeef, and ghazal. Behar can be understood by Russell’s model. During the recitation, the metre is erratic. With practice, it becomes familiar.

The metre used in shayari is different from that of prose. Mir’s metre consists of seven long syllables. The regular afaa (iil) has fourteen or sixteen syllables. However, poets sometimes add an extra short syllable at the end of the line to add a few extra syllables.

Hotaa is the repeated word in a shayari

A Shayari is a poem in Arabic with at least one repeated word. This repeated word is known as hotaa. It is usually located at the end of a sentence. Before writing a Shayari, it is important to determine what the purpose of the poem will be. If it is to convey an emotion, the topic should be one that will reflect the feelings of the poet.

Another way to understand the repeating word in a shayari is to analyze what the meaning is. If a shayari contains the word hotaa, it is likely to be related to a vitamin or a nutrient. For example, “Baaton pe kaun dhyaan deta hai” refers to vitamin B and C.

Shayari can express feelings in different ways. While the intention may be the same, the writer’s emotions may be different. In this case, it is better to create a unique Shayari instead of copying another person’s. Similarly, a Shayari focusing on a love affair should be written uniquely. However, if the motivation is different, you can borrow another writer’s style and make your poem sound original.

Urdu poets

There are countless poets who have written shayari, but the great ones are usually considered to be kings and giants of Urdu poetry. The following list is a partial list. Listed below are a few of the greatest poets who wrote shayari, and why they are so important to the culture of the language. These are the poets who have made Urdu poetry famous around the world.

Most poets who write shayari use the pen name Takhallus. This can be their given name or an identity they adopted. Urdu tradition has it that poets mention takhallus at the end of their name. Takhallus, a word derived from Arabic, means “ending.” Poets who write ghazals usually incorporate their pen name into their final couplet.

Some Urdu poets have compared the ghazals of Ghalib to the wrathful couplets of Alexander Pope. Various anecdotal stories and themes are commonly found in shayari, including the discovery of good wine by the Persian and Zoroastrian Kings Jamshed and Kaikobad. Other examples of famous lovers of the region include Shireen and Farhad and Laila and Majnoon, two legendary lovers of Arabia.

A few other important Urdu poets have made their mark on poetry. A famous one was Jigar Muradabadi, known as Ali Sikandar. He was the most important signature of Urdu ghazals and was awarded the Sahitya Akademi Prize in 1958. Jigar was born on 6 April 1890 and completed his Persian studies in his father’s house. Afterward, he went to India and wrote a collection of poetry, including shayari and ghazals.

Some famous Urdu poets wrote shayari to express their deepest feelings. Shayari are short poems, generally containing two to four lines, with profound meaning. Shayari also includes a couplet called Sher and a second couplet called Sher O Shayari. They have evolved from Persian poetry. There are shayari written in Hindi, Punjabi, and several regional languages.

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