How to Carry Second Helmet on Motorcycle

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Last Updated on September 16, 2022

One way to carry a second motorcycle helmet is with a strap. Helmet carrier straps are usually nylon, with two D-rings on either end. To install the strap, pull up the rear seat. The strap then sits on the open space. Pull down the rear seat and use the strap to carry the second helmet. You can even attach a cargo net to your motorcycle to carry additional gear. Regardless of how you decide to carry your second helmet, you’ll be glad you did.

Carrier straps

A helmet carrier strap is a simple way to carry a second helmet on a motorcycle. The straps typically have two D-rings on each end and can be purchased online. The straps are installed by pulling up the rear seat. Once installed, they wrap around the chinstrap of the helmet and are tightened using the D-rings. This allows the straps to be adjusted to fit a wide range of helmet styles.

If you do not want to invest in a carrier strap, you can also use an elastic helmet strap. It works in much the same way as a cargo strap, but there are two hooks. Make sure to purchase one with enough strength, since it is important to keep the second helmet from moving over the seat. If you have the room, you can also attach an elbow strap or chin strap to secure the helmet.

Sissy bar

A sissy bar for carrying a second helmet on a motorcycle is a very practical accessory. They allow riders to take two helmets and other gear without taking up any additional seat space. Motorcycle sissy bars are also known as pillion seats or two-up seats. If you’re a solo rider, you may want to invest in a seat upgrade for the passenger. The backrests are usually not as comfortable as the primary seats, so you’ll want to invest in a sissy bar.

The sissy bar is an extension from the rear of a motorcycle, rising above the rear fender. It may be a low hoop, or it can be a towering spire. Regardless of its height, a sissy bar gives riders the security they need. These motorcycle accessories can help prevent injuries if a passenger falls or is knocked off.

Lid-lash helmet bag

A Lid-lash helmet bag is a great solution if you’d like to carry a second motorcycle-compatible helmet. These bags have straps and a central zip to secure the helmet. They fit underneath the passenger seat of your motorcycle and are sturdy enough to hold a full-face helmet. Depending on your riding style, you can choose from a variety of lid-lash designs.

Some helmets are heavier than others. Some are made of composite fibre. Arai’s outer shell is made from a special ‘birds nest’-like arrangement of fibres that prevents the helmet from splitting in impact. This design is also more expensive and more difficult to manufacture than a traditional fibreglass helmet. However, it will prevent your helmet from scratching the bike. To find the right lid-lash helmet bag for you, compare a few top brands.

A Lid-lash helmet bag is convenient and secure. It has two parts, one made of a stretchy bungee segment with a webbing loop on the other end. This strap can be wrapped around the passenger grab handle, the luggage rack, or the footpeg bracket. The buckle’s female and male parts have quick-release buckles. A lid-lash helmet bag can be a great choice for motorcycle riders who want to carry a second helmet.

Cargo nets

If you’re looking to carry a second helmet while riding your motorcycle, you might want to use a cargo net. These handy devices are designed to fit under the back seat or any other corner of the motorcycle. They have a number of straps and hooks that allow you to attach the net to your motorcycle. Not only will this prevent you from lugging around an extra helmet, but it’ll also keep your valuables safe from the elements.

One advantage of cargo nets for carrying a second helmet on a motorcycle is that they are extremely easy to use. You simply place the second helmet inside the net and tighten it with the hooks that are attached to the net’s edges. There are also different sizes to fit any size of helmet. When you’re looking for one for your motorcycle, look for one that fits snugly around your helmet. If the helmet doesn’t fit perfectly, consider buying a smaller cargo net.

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