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TV shows about dictators often show the worst side of humans and society, but shows like “How to Be a Tyrant” try to avoid this pitfall by exploring real-life examples of the worst leaders in the world. Each episode focuses on a particular tyrant, and the skills they had to rule in their country. For example, one episode explores how Saddam Hussein used fear to get what he wanted.

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TV shows like “How to be a Tyrant” are about the rise and fall of tyrants. The show is based on the twisted character of Jonah, who seeks to reform society by finding his enemies, scapegoating them, and eventually gaining power. However, the show’s tone can be off-putting to some viewers. That said, if you’re a fan of Jonah, you should definitely give this series a chance.

While history documentaries aren’t exactly popular right now, ’How To Become a Tyrant’ is an entertaining and educational way to learn about the history of tyrants. It uses an instructional style, with a talking head expert repeating facts and a recitation of facts by Peter Dinklage. The film’s length is excessive – each episode is thirty minutes long. But the lack of originality is worth the educational value.

The show begins with a discussion of the rise of Adolf Hitler. The former World War I soldier rises to become supreme leader of Germany in 1934. Using a series of familiar concepts, Hitler tapped into dissatisfaction among the masses and fomented their anger against their enemies. While his tactics were different from those of other dictators, he did successfully make his movement popular by branding it with a uniform and symbols.

Netflix’s “How to Become a Tyrant” is a documentary series that explores the lives of six twentieth-century dictators. It features the voices of Peter Dinklage and academics, and walks the fine line between snark and research. The six 30-minute episodes focus on the rise of tyrants and their impact on the world. The show isn’t focused on current events, but it’s still worth watching.


Throughout history, all-powerful leaders have shaped the world and its empires. While many works of art depict the everyday life of the common man during dictatorships, very few films deal directly with the lives, power, and cruelty of these dictators. In this article, we will explore how movies like how to be a tyrant have dealt with the topic of dictatorship, including the rise of fascism, the rise of the Soviet Union, and the fall of the Berlin Wall.

“How to Become a Tyrant” is a six-part docuseries from Netflix that takes an academic approach to the history of tyrants. Through a series of interviews with academics, the documentary walks the line between research and snark, while illustrating the brutality of dictatorships around the world. It is also notable for its narrator, Peter Dinklage.

The plot of How to Become a Tyrant is very intriguing, with its twisted perspective on dictatorship. This series takes a look at some of history’s most notorious dictators, including Adolf Hitler and Saddam Hussein. Idi Amin, for instance, believed he had the answer to population control and believed that he had the right answer. Meanwhile, Joseph Stalin found flexibility in dealing with the truth useful.


Throughout history, we have seen a plethora of books on how to be a tyrant. But there are some aspects of tyranny that seem universal, and these are those of the ultra-rich and powerful. In fact, these books have elements of dictatorship, military, and money. Typically, these books are set in a middle eastern country. In this book, a tyrant’s methods are based on UAE oil money and the dictatorship of a military-backed regime.


A six-part docuseries, ’How To Be A Tyrant’ is an attempt to shed new light on the history of tyrants, focusing on the rise and fall of six historical figures. It is not an encyclopedia of history; instead, it mixes animated footage with real-life footage and anecdotes to tell a story. The series never focuses on a single person, instead emphasizing a few historical events. Although the series doesn’t tackle all the important aspects of a dictator’s rise and fall, it does make for compelling viewing.

This film makes a great case for the power of dictators, as it details the tactics used by the rulers to gain power and remain in power. Each tyrant is portrayed differently, each highlighting a particular skill and characteristic. With six infamous tyrants featured, this film is an excellent way to learn about the history of the world’s greatest dictators.

The six-part series is narrated by Peter Dinklage, who is famous for his role as Tyrion Lannister in the hit Game of Thrones. Dinklage has won many awards, including a Primetime Emmy for his portrayal of Tyrion Lannister in Game of Thrones. While the documentary doesn’t address current events, it is a valuable addition to Netflix’s growing selection of political docuseries.

Unlike many other documentaries, how to be a tyrant is an excellent way to gain insight into a dictator’s past. Peter Dinklage’s narrator provides a rich and realistic voice that isn’t overly sentimental. The documentary also examines the family life of Lenin, which is not usually explored in other documentaries. The series makes use of actual footage from history.

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A new documentary series on Netflix looks at the lives of dictators throughout history. In six 30-minute episodes, How To Be A Tyrant examines the rise and fall of six famous dictators. The documentary blends animation with real-life footage and anecdotes to show the many layers of human behavior and motivation that led to such a tragic end. In addition to analyzing the rise and fall of tyrants throughout history, How To Become a Tyrant aims to teach viewers how to become a tyrant and why this is so dangerous.

A six-part documentary series, How To Be a Tyrant offers a fascinating look at the methods of authoritarian leaders and their followers. In order to reach viewers who may not be interested in traditional historical and biographical stories, the executives chose to employ dark humor and other forms of entertainment. While this approach is far from ideal, the resulting documentary is a worthwhile viewing experience. Although the series lacks an obvious connection to modern times, it is still a worthy watch.

How To Be A Tyrant takes an in-depth look at each subject, revealing the defining qualities of each. It starts with Hitler, highlighting the rise to power and crushing rivals. It explores how dictators use their iron fist to rule and control their societies. They also use disinformation campaigns to further suppress the freedom of speech and expression of their citizens. Ultimately, these individuals have a unique power to shape their societies.

The documentary series takes a fresh look at how tyrants make their way to power. This series highlights how the rise of dictators is rooted in authoritarian impulses. As more dictators take power in our world, this subject needs to be re-examined. Hopefully, viewers will become more educated and tolerant of this topic. It might even inspire some new actions on your own.

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