How to Put Fall on Saree

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Last Updated on September 16, 2022

There are several ways to attach a fall to a saree. One of the easiest ways is to use all-pins or small stitches. When a thread gets tangled, it may ruin the appearance of the saree. It is best to use all-pins or small stitches, which can hide the tangle. To avoid having to stitch your saree by hand, buy it in bulk.

Choosing the right fall

Choosing the right fall on sares is essential for giving them an elegant look. It prevents thread loops, tearing and coming-off pleats. Traditionally, sarees come with the fall attached. However, if you want to make this change, you will need to purchase the fall separately. Choose the fall that matches the color of your saree. It should not bleed in water as this could ruin the look of your saree. So, you must be very careful while selecting the color.

The saree’s length should be moderate, not too long. Ideally, it should touch the floor but isn’t too long. The saree should be long enough to allow you to walk comfortably. Wearing your petticoat in a different length to your saree can also affect the length of the saree. Be sure to wear your footwear before draping your saree, so that you can easily adjust it if need be.

When choosing a fall, it’s important to match the fall’s colour to the border and hem of your saree. If you choose pale yellow saree with dark brown border, you should choose a fall that matches the saree’s colour and border. The fall should be a uniform width as the saree’s border, so that the colour and texture match.

Falling your saree can be an important process, especially if it is a light or thin saree. A well-fitted fall will ensure the fabric’s fall is optimal. And by choosing the right fall, you will be able to maintain the integrity of your saree’s hemline, while reducing the risk of stretching or tearing. You should also make sure that the fall is fixed near the hemline.

Choosing the right color

Many women purchase a saree with the wrong color fall. The contrasting color pops out from the layers of the saree, making it look awful. To avoid this, try on a saree and fall before buying. The color should be similar to the saree and fall to ensure that they don’t contrast. Also, choose the same color fall for the blouse and the dupatta.

Before sewing the fall onto the saree, choose a fabric that will hold the fall well. Cotton is a sturdy fabric, while terry-cot and polyester fall are stiff and slippery. Rubia cotton is the most popular material for saree falls. You can purchase rubia cotton falls at most fall sellers. After you buy the fall, remember to wash and dry it. Ironing the cotton fall will remove any starch.

If you are a woman with fair skin, you may wear any color saree. If you are darker-skinned, however, you might want to avoid bright colors. A light, pastel-colored saree is a great choice if you are a friendly person. For daytime events, try a saree with silver embroidery. Either way, it will give you a beautiful look.

The fabric and the color of the saree also make a difference. Chiffons and soft-net material will help a woman’s body look slimmer. Bright colors, like burgundy or mustard, will also give you a better shape. In addition, the right saree should be matched with her skin tone. When selecting a color, keep in mind the skin tone of the woman.

Stitching it by hand

Before you start stitching the fall on the saree by hand, make sure the fabric is clean and dry. Turn the saree inwards from its breadth, then use gentle stitches to attach the fall. Once the fall is attached, you can either sew it with your hands or use all-purpose pins. When attaching the fall, make sure to end it before the drape leading to the pallu.

A proper fall on the saree adds structure to it, and helps keep it from tearing. It also protects the bottom of the saree. You can use either cotton or synthetic falls, which are stiffer after starching. You can stitch the fall to the saree using a regular edge, or you can use tassels to accentuate the look.

A saree’s fall should be a rectangle around 5 inches wide and three metres long. It is attached to the hem from the wrong side of the saree and should not be visible from the outside. While it is a small detail, it has a significant impact on the overall look of a saree. If you don’t feel up to stitching a fall on your own, there are several online tutorials that can help you complete this process.

Before you start stitching the fall on your saree, you need to buy the fabric for the fall. It should be of the same color as your saree. If you are using a cotton fabric, make sure it is pre-washed and ironed. This prevents the fall from shrinking or becoming too small. A fall made of slow-dried fabric can cause your saree to be destroyed during the first wash.

Buying a saree in bulk

Wholesale bazaars offer an attractive range of sarees at reasonable prices. In addition, many saree distributors travel around the city selling their collection. However, online sources are fast becoming the best solution to wholesale buying. Buying bulk material online is an efficient way to secure reasonable pricing. Here are some tips to save money by purchasing sarees in bulk:

Select a fall that matches the saree color. Cotton falls are stiff and durable, while polyester falls are slick and difficult to attach. If you are buying in bulk, you can choose from rubia cotton, a material that is sturdy yet stiff. To avoid dye-bleeding, wash the fall before putting it on the saree. To ensure it won’t bleed, wash it in cold water a few times.

Make your business known in social media. To succeed online, you must establish a relationship with manufacturers and distributors. It will help you gain more business, and make your sarees available to customers around the world. Also, learn English if you wish to expand your business. Speaking English will also help you communicate effectively with customers. The Internet is an excellent tool for establishing an online saree business.

If you plan on buying a saree in bulk, you can buy a good quality fabric from a reputed wholesaler and save money on the price. Then, you can use the fabric for multiple purposes. The saree can be repurposed into various accessories. Moreover, you can wear it casually and comfortably. To wear it as a saree, add a plain blouse or a statement blouse adorned with sequins or lace.

Getting it done by a shopkeeper

Getting the fall on your saree done by a shopkeep is an affordable way to enhance its beauty and value. It is best to ask the shopkeeper if he will alter the saree for free. There are many women who prefer this option as it gives the saree a sturdy structure. Hand stitching is considered the most essential part of the saree but it is often neglected as it barely gets noticed.

Most shops stitch all sarees before handing them over to you. However, if your saree is beyond your price range, you may have to get it stitched yourself. If you’re unsure about stitching, practice attaching the fall to your saree to get a good feel for it. To improve your stitching skills, you can try hand stitching or sewing machine stitching.

The fall attaching process involves running stitching or backstitching. You will need a fine sewing needle and matching threads to attach the fall to your saree. Begin stitching at the lower end before the pallu. Next, attach the fall to the saree with all-purpose pins. When you have the fall attached, you are ready to wear it.

Having the fall on your saree done is a good idea if you plan to wear it for a long time. The delicate edge of your saree is more susceptible to tearing and damaging when it isn’t properly sewed. A shopkeeper should be able to sew the fall properly for you, as a saree that has a delicate fall may tear and become unfashionable.

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