How Much Is It To Swim At The Kroc Center?

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Last Updated on September 16, 2022

Whether you’re looking for a day pass or are looking for more information about the cost of swimming at the Kroc Center, there are several factors you should consider. Listed below are some things to consider, including the day pass, pre-requisites, and cost. Also, be sure to check if there are scholarships available for those in need. Read on to learn more. You’ll be glad you did.

Day passes

You can purchase day passes to the Kroc Center to visit anytime during its regular operating hours. When buying a day pass, you’ll need to bring a photo ID with you and check what hours the gym and swimming pools are open. You can also purchase drop-in passes for fitness classes. Be sure to check the hours of operation to avoid paying additional fees. Day passes to the Kroc Center are a great way to take advantage of its fitness offerings without having to join a class.

To purchase a day pass to the Kroc Center, members can purchase one and bring up to two guests for a nominal fee. Each guest must be at least 17 years of age and accompanied by a current member. Children three months of age and older need a membership. Guests are welcome, but must respect Kroc Center rules. In addition, each member can sponsor up to five guests per membership plan, but must be present when purchasing the passes.

If you’re a member of the Kroc Center, you can purchase a drop-in pass for classes. You can purchase your drop-in pass online or at the Kroc Center a few hours before the scheduled class. You’ll need to sign a waiver prior to entering the class, unless you’re a Gold member. Participants under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian’s signature before entering the Kroc Center.


Before enrolling your child in a swim lesson, you should assess his or her swimming ability. A swim lesson at The Kroc Center consists of five levels and students progress from beginner to advanced. Upon completing the first level, the teacher will recommend the next one and will meet with parents and children in the Aquatics Desk. The lessons are nonrefundable and do not offer make-ups for missed lessons. However, swimming lessons at the Kroc Center can boost cardiovascular fitness and muscular strength, as well as help your child become more confident in the water.

For those who do not have a prior swimming experience, the Kroc Center offers a drop-in swim lesson. The lesson lasts 45 minutes, and is open to ages six and older. The lessons are held with a minimum of four participants and a maximum of six. The lessons will start on April 24 and end on Saturday, June 11. Non-beginner participants are required to reserve a spot in advance.

Swimmers who enroll in Level 3 must have a basic knowledge of the freestyle stroke and can swim five meters unassisted. They should also be able to retrieve objects from the bottom of the pool. Level 4 is designed for swimmers who have completed the first two levels. The American Red Cross level 3 and 4 Learn to Swim Program are followed. The American Red Cross recommends that swimmers take a swim lesson at the Kroc Center before enrolling in any of its classes.

Advanced classes focus on improving technique. The lessons are repeated to help participants master the skills and feel confident in the water. Games are also part of each class. Participants play water games to learn self-rescue techniques, water safety and basic stroke development. Through creative repetition and play, beginning swimmers develop a foundation for independence and balance in the water. It takes a lot of patience and dedication to reach your swimming goals, but the benefits are well worth it.


The Kroc Center offers dozens of classes each day for all levels and fitness levels. The staff provides swimming lessons that include safety information and water exercises for all ages and abilities. Each class repeats several times so students can master the skills they’re working on. Registration for swim classes is required at least five days in advance, and participants must be picked up promptly after class ends. Kroc Center members also get discounts on swim lessons when they buy multiple lessons at a time.

Children can sign up for swim lessons at the Kroc Center for as little as six months. Children move through five levels as their skills improve. Parents should assess their child’s swimming ability before registering them for a swim lesson. Once registered, parents should meet the instructor at the Aquatics Desk to learn about the next steps in the process. The instructor will determine the appropriate class level for the child’s next set of lessons. Most students progress through several levels before advancing to the next level.

Swim lessons at the Kroc Center are an excellent way to improve cardiovascular fitness and learn to swim. Swimming is one of the most important skills that people can learn, as it can save your life! Swim lessons at the Kroc Center include safety tips, stroke mechanics, movement, and smart decisions in the water. All levels of swimming can benefit from lessons at the Kroc Center. If you’re a beginner, the Kroc Center also offers summer swim camp for beginners.


Are you a high school student or college student who would like to learn to swim? If so, the Kroc Center has a number of scholarships available for swimming lessons and competitive competitions. The Kroc Center is located at 4200 Wissahickon Ave. in Philadelphia, PA. If you live in the city, you can contact the nearest Kroc center to find out about volunteer opportunities.

The Kroc Center offers several types of swim lessons, including adapted lessons and private lessons. These classes are tailored to improve swimming abilities in a safe environment with a trained instructor. Private swimming lessons are also available for adults, teens, and children at all levels. The cost is $35 per hour, and members are eligible for discounts on the price. Some classes require registration, so be sure to check out the schedule and download the Drop-in Group Exercise Guide before registering for the swim lessons.

A membership at the Kroc Center will cost you just $49 per month. This includes access to swimming, fitness, and other amenities. The Kroc Center offers programs for children, too, and they even have a Child Watch program for the children who want to swim. You can find a Kroc Center membership based on household income and circumstance. After enrolling, you’ll be notified within seven days if you’re approved.

The USA Swimming Foundation awards a variety of scholarships to swimming lesson providers throughout the country. In 2016, the Foundation awarded $403,383 in grants to swim lesson providers nationwide. The Foundation’s scholarship program funds a total of two million swim lessons a year. The programs are operated by volunteer members from MIT undergraduate programs. Scholarships for swimming at the Kroc Center are available for Philadelphia-area residents. There are no limits on how many applications each school can submit, so get started today!

Hours of operation

The hours of operation at the Kroc Center change frequently depending on the type of program you’re interested in. There are several program areas, such as virtual and outdoor group exercise classes, that follow different schedules. The calendars will also let you know when the Kroc Center is closed and when it’s open. You can use these resources to find out the hours of operation for Kroc Center venues, such as classes, events, and special programs.

The Kroc Center is a great community resource. The hours of operation for the main facility are different from those of the different areas. The Aquatics Center is closed about 15 minutes before the gym closes. The rest of the Kroc Center’s programs are open to all. However, if you’re planning to visit the Kroc Center during the day, consider getting a day pass and seeing what’s on offer.

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