How to Adjust to a New Facility

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Last Updated on September 16, 2022

A nursing home can be a new and unfamiliar environment for many people, and adjusting to this new situation can be difficult. If your loved one is having trouble adjusting to his or her new environment, it can be helpful to follow these tips. Encourage your loved one to become involved in their new surroundings. Establish a relationship with the staff and residents. Bring items from home. And try not to trivialize the situation. If you have any questions, speak to the facility staff.

Encourage residents to be involved in new surroundings

If a resident has been unable to do the activities of daily living, encourage him or her to be involved in his or her new surroundings. While some residents may not have known how to do certain tasks, others may have developed strong preferences that make it difficult for others to change. For instance, Mr. Smith may prefer to brush his teeth before combing his hair. He may have strict times for eating, bathing, and going to sleep. If a resident doesn’t feel included, he is unlikely to lead a high-quality life.

One way to make the transition smoother for a resident is to encourage him or her to be actively involved in the planning of activities. It is a good idea to involve residents in planning the activities since their input is crucial to the overall quality of their care. By inviting them to be involved in new surroundings, they will feel more comfortable and have a greater sense of security. Encourage them to participate in various activities.

Develop good connection with staff

A good way to make the transition from one location to another easier on employees is to develop a strong connection with them and give them a voice in the process. By providing open communication and updating staff on the changes that are being made, you can make it easier to address questions and concerns. Also, if possible, involve them in the process by offering them the chance to vote on the layout of the new office or even contribute their ideas and suggestions.

A good way to establish rapport with your staff is to meet with them before the move. Make sure to schedule time to sit down with the coordinators and middle management so you can answer any basic questions and address any concerns they may have. It also helps to study how others communicate so that you can develop a strong connection with everyone from day one. You’ll be surprised at how quickly you’ll become accustomed to the new environment and feel comfortable working alongside your colleagues.

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